Hey, Soul Sister!

Met up with Stacey yesterday night after work, and she came over to my house for a stay over since it is my off day today. (: It has been such a long time since we last had a stay over session, and I missed it! :D We played with some program that she downloaded on her Macbook which has more functions than the usual PhotoBooth, and laughed a hell lot. (:

This shot was taken when we were dancing and shaking, too happy together. (:

After camwhoring and watching some epic videos of what people do on their graduation days, we had a story sharing session with each other. She was telling me about some group of scary people in the world (mainly the states) who tries to take over the world from behind the scenes and their beliefs towards evil powers. That scared the hell outta me because I never knew there were such scary things existing in the world. ): Then I told her about the stories of Emily Rose (briefly, since I didn’t watch the movie because it scares the shit out of me just knowing the content) and the storyline of Paranormal Activity. O.O The both of us got so freaked out by the night, we held each other’s hands to the toilet, and she wanted me to be in the toilet with her when she was peeing HAHAHA.

I called Jon up before going to bed, and I forgotten that he’s having a mini house-warming party since he moved house.

J: Hello Baby, I’m half drunk. Raymond kept trying to make me drink.
K: Orh hor, who say you can drink! Anyway, Stacey’s taking over your place in my bed tonight.
J: Cannot. Only I can sleep with you.
K: Too bad.
J: Baby I love you.

All of the above, with him talking to me in his half drunk voice was just hilarious. But his last sentence melted me. (:

We wanted to turn in to bed when it was about 1am, but ended up snuggling under the blanket talking through the night till it was 3am. Reminiscing about good old times when we were in Sydney, funny moments back in secondary school was really enjoyable. (:

Woke up after approximately four hours of sleep, the both of us woke up and made our way to M Hotel since there was this sale for designer bags. The moment we reached, the queue was already rather long and it just lengthened after a few more minutes! Because it was held in the basement, it was so long that the security had to stop people from coming in further, and the queue continued to the second level and out of the hotel! O.O But it was quite a disappointment (and I was secretly happy) that there wasn’t much that caught my eye, except for one or two Kate Spade bags, which was still too costly for me to purchase at this point of time.

The queue that was mad long, and there were more people queue on another level waiting to join this queue.

So nervous (for some reason) that we were holding on to each other’s hands very tightly.

Since the both of us left empty handed, we went to Macs to have our breakfast! I’ve always been hearing people talking about Mac Deluxe but I never knew what it was. /: Macs Deluxe (Big Breakfast + Hotcakes) was too much for me to take, so I got myself a Sausage McGriddles with Egg set! :D

Took a train back to my place, where the both of us bought cheap ice-creams from the provision store near my place. We were squatting while having our ice-creams because the weather’s so hot that the ice-cream was melting really quickly! Haven’t bought these ice-creams in the longest time, and it makes us so happy. (:

Both of us hit the sack the moment we reached my crib because we were so tired! D: I set the alarm to ring an hour later, and Stacey woke up while I continued sleeping. I really hate waking up so quickly in the midst of my nap! >:( But she was nice enough not to wake me up and was surfing the net with her Macbook. q: Forced myself to wake up so we could get things done! It was quite a fruitful night, and we hope we can have everything arranged and planned out really soon and start the ball rolling! :D

And this is how I look whenever I’m at home. Ugly with my fringe pushed back and hair tied up.

Today’s such a slow and lazy day with my best friend I’m feeling so happy. Doing simple things, laughing, dancing and doing crazy things together with someone you feel so comfortable with. (: I need more days like these, when I do not have work, feeling like I’m a 17 year old with nothing in the world to bother about.

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  1. Warms my heart to see the both of your having so much fun together. Miss you both :D

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