It isn’t always about the grades

Got this in my mail today, and I’m rather proud of myself. (: I guess maybe that’s because while most of my fellow DOPT mates were trying very hard to gain CCA points here and there, I got mine rather easily. And this also reminded me of how easily the band girls got their A1 grades for CCA back in St. Margaret’s. (: Outsiders will never know how much being in a band can widen your exposure, not only to music but in so many ways.

Every now and then, I miss playing my flute, being part of a band with 100 over members. And though I choose to sacrifice band for studies in the second semester of my second year, I’m very thankful for the wonderful experience I’ve gained through the short yet enriching a year and an a half. If I stayed on, I probably would get a few more pages just to contain the list of activities I was involved in.

And it’s because of the fact that I was in SP band, I made really awesome friends like Emily, Wen Xiang and Tiac Woo. Can’t really insert Wen Shao’s name here because I already knew him even before I was in SP. But he’s definitely in the list.

So many things I’m thankful for in life, I really can’t thank enough.

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