What I do on my Off Days.

Being a working adult leaves you lesser time for yourself and the people you love. With that, I’ll always try to make it a point to meet up with the people I love. And yes girlfriends, I need to date you girls out really soon! I miss all of your silly faces and annoying nonsense. ):

Met up with Amanda last friday for dinner. No picture of us because she feels ugly that day. ): But oh well, I had a really good time with the girl, catching up with her at a new dining place at 313 Somerset. Ordered creamy pasta for myself despite knowing that I’ll get really sick of my main course after a while, which I eventually did. Too creamy for me to take it all. But that aside, it taste really good! Walked over to ION to grab a cup of Happy Lemon because the girl wanted one, and then we walked around a little before sitting at Starbucks (and got ourselves plain water hahaha) to catch up a little. (:

Short dates like these are good enough to make me happy. (:

Met up with Jinglan and Kelvin today for tea buffet at Heartland Mall’s Sakae Sushi. Had a hell lot of sushi even though they were just mediocre, and it left me I felt bloated enough to just have this meal for the entire day. I suppose that’s quite good for me. /: Caught up with them a little, then we visited Junwen & Peiyu who was working just upstairs.

Trained down to Bishan to just linger around, so we went to the arcade and played like little kids! It has been a long time since I last felt like this. I was a loser when it comes to the game when we were playing the basketball game! I scored so badly in the first round I was denied to proceed on to the second, while both of them did. ): And that also explains why I managed to take a picture of them. ):

Anyway, I brought a jacket out just in case I felt cold. But I realised that there really wasn’t any need for it because the weather’s just crazy! Regretted wearing a pair of jeans out instead of shorts. /: If there’s ever a chance of me migrating, the weather has got to be the reason! >:(

Went to grab my cup of KOI bubble tea because I wanted one! It has gotta be the best bubble tea in town, seriously! But…. it’s really not cheap. Pay about a dollar more for a large cup, and you can actually get yourself a tall Starbucks drink. But I was contented! :D

Very contented with my Large cup of ice-cream milk tea from KOI.
(And this shall be my last cup of bubble tea for the rest of the month, I promise.)

And yes, I’m still feeling very fat from the excessive amount of food I’m eating lately (as mentioned in the previous entry). I’m going to eat sliced fish noodles, yong tao fu or any soup-based food for lunch and dinner from today on. Really need to control my diet. If there’s ever a war to fight, I’m sure I’ll be the first to die. ):

3 thoughts on “What I do on my Off Days.

  1. bubble tea = 28 cubes of sugar, be mindful…i am controlling like shit now. HAHA!

  2. STACEY, Oh my shit…… I HAVE BEEN DRINKING A HELL LOT OF BUBBLE TEA LATELY. I think I need to buy two tickets for whatever transportation I’m gonna take. ):


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