You’re the reason that I breathe.

You’re the reason that I still breathe.

While I was at work today, I checked my phone and received an email. An email, titled Hello. I have no idea why, it brought a huge smile to my face even before I opened the mail. I know it’s something that would definitely make me smile and grin widely to myself, and whenever it comes to Jon, I can never be too far from my six sense. Oh yes, I can always predict every move he’s going to make. Well, almost. (:

But that email. It warmed my heart as I was working in the very cold environment at work with my hands freezing.

Anyway, congratulations on your graduation. Glad to see my parents there. I am very happy and proud of you. Love you babe. You have gone through a tough phase in your life. Remember the days when you had to go clinic on saturdays, studying over at my place for your test and panicking over your clinic assessment. How you always make me teared when i am your patient. Those were the past but yet wonderful memories. It’s good to look back at them but do not make comparisons to your current and future life. You have just embarked on your next phase and it will be just as wonderful or even better :)

You gave me a big smile on my face when i saw your comment on your blog. You wore gloves AR. Se Fei Fei. That is very funny. Miss you so much.

You never ever teared for me, and when you did, it’s because I have place contact lenses (both hard & soft, yay!) into your eyes. How you laughed and smiled as you teared while I was taking my own sweet time checking your eyes with the lenses in (and torturing you slowly q:). I took away your eye’s virginity towards contact lenses heehee! (Y)

But your email, it made me feel really blessed and lucky. The way you signed off as Jonnie made me smile too. It’s so gay, but then again I believe I am the only one that has the ability to make you behave like this.

Thanks Baby for being so supportive through my O levels, and through the three years of my study in SP. I’d never make it to where I am without you.

What’s long-distance relationship?! It’s nothing when I’ve got Jon. You’re always beside me without fail. Always. All the time.

I love having your company beside me while I am mugging.
Even if it means that you’re playing DOTA and I’m non-existent to you during that hour.

But please don’t try to do re-enact this scenario. You know I won’t let you play in peace. ;)

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