Officially a graduate from SP

After three arduous years in Singapore Polytechnic. (:

Yesterday was a rather big day for most of the people from my batch because it was our graduation day. But surprisingly, I didn’t feel excited or looked forward to the particular event. It just felt as though it was just another off day.

It was a pouring heavily when we were making our way to school, and the hall was crowded with people the moment I stepped into the hall. (Oh yes, I was slightly late! q:) Was a lost sheep in the hall trying to look for my seat (I just typed shit instead of seat and I laughed at myself. I’m a joke. -.-“) and was glad to find myself sitting beside John! :D He was quite a great company because the both of us keep making weird and funny comments! I never knew that people had @ in their names, and it’s read as alias or something along that line. I was saying that next time I shall put my name is instead of Ting Wei Min. Okay I was just being annoying, but I thought it was quite funny! /:

Anyway, despite being on stage plenty of times for band performances, I still find myself having stage phobia every single time. I was telling how nervous I was to John I made him nervous too. It was just getting the scroll and that was probably the longest 1 minute of my life. I didn’t even dare to look at my face which was screened on the huge projector like how most people did, and neither did I looked at the audience. I just walked straight all the way, as soon as I can and left the stage.

After the graduation ceremony, it was photo taking time! :D I invited Jon’s parents over for the tea reception since I only have two tickets for my parents. I didn’t have a lot of pictures taken because I think I looked like crap and I was busy running here and there looking for people! /:

I never knew that inviting Jon’s parents would actually make me feel a little embarrassed. Apparently he has quite a wide connection with people in the industry, and that also means that he knows the lecturers. And even though I bet some of the lecturers already knew that I’m “Richard Chau’s son’s girlfriend” (I bet lecturers are as busybody as anyone of the students), it felt really weird when Uncle was saying he’s here to attend his son’s girlfriend’s graduation. Really didn’t know how to react at all. And then having Essilor’s GM & manager coming up to me to congratulate me felt totally weird too, because I only see them when I was still working in OZ.

I guess working as a part-timer since I was year one actually helped me to widen my network in the trade too.

On a side note, Ayuni baked brownies! :D I love her brownies because it taste really good! :D I really should visit her one day and learn all her baking skills. She should really just open her own bakery! :D

My lovely parents <3

Had a late dinner with the Optique Zone Crew at Dempsey Hill’s Tawandang! It was my second visit here (third visit to Tawandang if you include the one we visited in Bangkok earlier in March), and I had a feast! Totally loved the mango salad because it’s sour, and the morning glory’s just super crunchy and yummy! <3 Got myself a Cranberry Juice because I felt like drinking something slightly healthier. q: A few of the higher up staff from Essilor came and join us, and while Uncle was having his business talks with them, I was busy catching up Aunty and the rest of my ex-colleagues. Then Dennis from Essilor started talking to me about the company site that I started up! He complimented that I would make a good marketing person, heee! :D

Speaking of which, I need to start doing some site maintenance! It’s not easy to keep a company site going, unlike a blog. /: I have a feeling that 2 off days may not be even for me! ):

Got myself a new pair of Ralph spectacles, and Uncle gave it to me when I insisted on paying. ):
I love my new spectacles, though I only wear it when I used the computer! :D

13 thoughts on “Officially a graduate from SP

  1. i was at tawandang for dinner too babe! haha. but i left not long after the graduation ceremony for dinner. heh.

    and nice specs!!!! :))

    Meet soon for a meal ya! i’ll drop by to have lunch or dinner with you when i can! :)

    and CONGRATS!!! :D

  2. your face looks really really fair. lol! congrats hon.! :D

  3. ay, u wear pushup bra ah xD
    u upgrade to C alr ah.. march must be sad now..cuz u beat her liao xD
    omg, i suddenly feel like disturbing u xD

  4. Esther, OH REALLY! What a coincidence. I miss you babe! Always wanted to send you smses lately but then whenever I want to do so, some customer walks in, then I forget about it. ): So please, MEET UP SOON! I miss your seriousness when Yuli’s being so retarded and annoying! HAHAHA. Congrats to you babe! <3

    March, I look extremely horrid that day I don’t know why. No I don’t use lipsticks nor foundations/loose powder! >:( Anyway, thanks babe! I’ll sms you and arrange a date soon. Tell me when you’re free! (:

    Sook Fung, Errrrrr…. it’s just normal bra. EH YOU ARE DAMN ANNOYING LA WHY ASK THIS KINDA THING! -.-” You are being really annoying I want to step on your face now HAHAHA! Please stop checking out my butt or boobs. Did you just become a pervert or something! -.-”


  5. Stacey, Awwww thanks soulmate. That’s the only normal looking picture of mine for the day. ):


  6. wow last picture was really pretty! and i love the specs! :) it looks really good on you. heh. you are really getting fairer. i think it’s the result of ur masking! :D

  7. Estella, Thanks babe! I love the specs too! :D I became a little lazy with masking and I’m doing it less religiously as before. Something was just wrong that day. I am not this fair, it’s so weird! >:S


  8. omg, kellyn ting! The specs’ freaking nice or is it because it’s you wearing it? HAHAHA. How much is it my dear?? and congrats on your graduation!:D

  9. Emily, It’s the spectacles la! Hahaha. Eh…. I think the pair of frame is retailing at about $200+? Not too sure actually, but if you want I can check it out for you. (: And thanks babe! :D


  10. hahaha, that would be great! Let me know how much it would be with the lenses!:D You can advertise for specs alr cos you look awesome in it, ha!

  11. Emily, Hahaha, you gotta be kidding me about that! Anyway, I’ll try to help you check out the price then I’ll get back to you! How high’s your degree?!


  12. 300 each! anw, I just checked the price online, and the truffle masks’ cheaper by 10cents each, so probably I just keep the masks myself instead of sell it to you bah since it’s cheaper in spore.

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