When I was younger…

That’s me when I was working part-time in a floral shop.

And I was only 12.

I have been thinking lately how I have changed over the years. After all, change is the only constant in life.

When I was a little girl, my Dad asked what was my ambition. I didn’t carry big dreams of being a doctor, a teacher or even a lawyer like how most kids would probably have, and I answered in the most innocent way as a kid would. “I’d want to be a cashier.” I bet that replied shocked my Dad back then. “Why do you want to be a cashier?”, my Dad questioned, probably thinking why the hell this little girl would want to be a cashier. I told him that whenever my Mom brings me to the bakery near our house, I find it really fun to see the cashier pressing on all the keys and I thought that this would be something I want to work as.

I forgot about this incident, until my Dad asked me if I remembered this little ambition of mine a few months back.

Of course I don’t dream of being a cashier any more. But I still don’t dreaming of having very ambitious jobs either. To be honest, I don’t even remember how exactly I made my way to where I am at now, but I am happy and contented.

  1. When I was younger, I used to get annoyed when my Mom told me to wash my face with facial foam because “my skin is good what“! But now, I’d always be talking to my Mom about skincare tips every now and then.
  2. When I was younger (probably a few years back), I’d get annoyed at my Mom for wearing my clothes without my permission and then confront her. Now, I’d choose some clothes for my Mom to wear from my wardrobe.
  3. When I was younger, I only sweep & mop the floor only when my Mom ask me to. But now, I’d do so on my own accord when I am free.
  4. When I was younger, I’d only start saving up to buy something that I want. But now I save because I want to save for rainy days to come (and of course I still save to get something that I want).
  5. When I was younger, on the irony, I used to think that branded stuff are just a pure waste of money. But now, I’d really wish to own one of these when I can afford one.
  6. When I was younger, $10 could make me really happy and get me through an entire week. But now, $10 can only get me by a day.
  7. When I was younger, I used to tell my Dad that I’d want to be a nun because I think giving birth is a very scary thing. But now, I wish to be a Mom by a young age of 25, even though I still think that giving birth is damn scary considering that I’ve a huge fear for pain.
  8. When I was younger, I wanted to transfer out from St. Margaret’s because it was too big a change in the kind of people I meet over there. Then I changed my mind and stayed on for the entire five years. Now, I’m really proud to call myself a ex-St. Margaret’s girl with loads of wonderful memories from this school.
  9. When I was younger, I didn’t care about my studies until positive peer pressure from my girlfriends that influenced me to study hard for my exams.
  10. When I was younger, I used to work hard for good (or presentable) grades for my exams. But now, I work hard to achieve the goal I want in life.
  11. When I was younger, there was a period in life where I was such a perfectionist it made me a difficult person to please and I wasn’t very happy too. But now, I’ve learnt to let go and I’m so much happier this way.
  12. When I was younger, I used to be flat but now I’ve curves (well, we all go through puberty). Next up will be wrinkles and sagging skin. /:
  13. When I was younger, all I wanted to eat was MacDonalds. But now, I would prefer to have sliced fish noodles.
  14. When I was younger, I used to eat a lot because I want to gain weight since I was so scrawny. But now I had to control my diet so I won’t gain weight. -.-“

But maybe the few things that I haven’t changed since is that I’m still quite strong-headed (some may say stubborn). /: At the end of it all, I just know that what I really want in life is to be happy.

And with wonderful people in my life – my family, Jon, girlfriends and all those that I hold really close to my heart – and a job that pays rather well which I enjoy till this very moment, I feel really blessed and happy.

To survive well in life, I guess everyone just needs to embrace changes and not fear them.

5 thoughts on “When I was younger…

  1. awesome post i love it! :D when i was young i was fat and chubby.

  2. Estella, People say that when the kids are fat and chubby, they’ll grow up to be pretty and slim girls. And that also means if they’re thin as a kid, they’d become fatter. You & I are true examples to that statement. ): for me.


  3. why of all hypothesis to prove, this is so true. haha just kidding.

    You made me laugh by posting the sms we exchanged on your previous post. he is pretty daring to ask a girl out he barely know on her birthday, expecting the girl to spend her 21st bday with an unknown guy. ambitious. ANYWAY, how he knows when is your birthday? is my ring too small that he cannot see it?? or u kept it in your pocket when a hot guy comes in !!!!

  4. Jon, HAHAHAHAHA BABY YOU ARE DAMN FUNNY OMG. You’re a joke that’s why I am laughing right now! :D He invited me to a preview for his movie or something which happens to fall on my birthday, so I told him it’s my birthday. You probably need to get me a real diamond ring so everyone can see it! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    “or u kept it in your pocket when a hot guy comes in !!!!” HAHAHA THIS CRACKED ME UP! I didn’t keep the ring baby. I just wore a pair of gloves. q:


  5. hahah this hypothesis is wrong lor! some kids are skinny and pretty all their lives! HAHAHAHHA THE BOTH OF U ARE SO CUTE.

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