Tell me this is true.

Happy birthday Jinglan! :D

Met up with the DOPT peeps yesterday night to celebrate Jinglan’s birthday! :D Dinner at Marina Square’s Swensons wasn’t that pleasant to me after all, but the company was great. The waiter didn’t serve us our plain water for an hour (not until we asked for it), and my share of salmon & mushroom baked rice was tasteless. I bet I can cook something better than theirs. /: Thank goodness for the noisy bunch of people that made that night more enjoyable! :D

Ever since I’ve started working, these are the group of people I’ve been meeting up with rather frequently. Perhaps it isn’t really that difficult to keep in close contact with each other even though we are working under long retail hours. (:

Before meeting up with these people, I decided to bring myself out to shop a little! Cotton On was it, and I burnt my pocket a little. With that, I am not going to pamper myself any more for the rest of the month (I probably said this a million times) and drafted out my officially monthly financial planning draft. Gonna carry it out strictly from next month onwards, and I hope I am disciplined enough to do so.

But for now, let me indulge in my happy loots! :D

Got this bimbotic $5 home-slippers from Cotton On Body because it is so cute and comfy. Gonna wear this around my house all the time from now on!

My happy loots from Cotton On & Cotton Body! I am a basic junkie. Timeless.

On a really random note, this customer of mine (who happens to be a director for BBC in Singapore, or so he claimed) bought two pairs of glasses from me and wanted to date me out for dinner. Apparently both of his glasses were ready for collection, but he only wanted to pick up one of them so that “he has a reason to come back.” -.-” He asked if he could bring me out for dinner on my birthday, so I messaged Jon and told him about it.

K: Eh Baby, one of my customers wants to date me! Should I go? (of course I didn’t want to go)
J: You got wear our ring or not?

HAHAHA, Jon’s reply was just classic it made me laugh to myself like a fool seriously! That boy…. he is just my biggest weakness and heart throb. <3

Missing you very much my dear. One and a half more months to go.

6 thoughts on “Tell me this is true.

  1. Sook Fung, Hahaha, his reply is so short yet classic. But no if he sees this comment his head is going to swell! D:


  2. Matt, Woah since when are you so…. what was the term that you used on Jia Sheng? The one that wants some publicity space or something? Hahaha! Anyway, the picture was taken just before you and Yuli arrived! /:


  3. omg so many things from cotton on! u are a shopaholic my dear evil twin! :) hahahaha. when are we meeting? school has started for me already which means even less time to meet up! :'( let me know n i’ll try tho. did u meet that guy in the end?

  4. Estella, Don’t label me as a shopaholic! This term makes me bankrupt, I don’t like! ): But eh, all on sale! Hahahaha! When will you be free to meet me?! Next week if your time table allows you, or even the week after’s fine with me! :D I didn’t meet the guy la! HAHAHA!


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