Thank you for your undying Love.

After all the years of tears and sweat they’ve put in, every mother deserves to be pampered like a Queen! <3

It took me a long time to plan for this very day. I planned to take both my Mom & Jon’s Mom out for a good relaxation day in-lieu of Mother’s Day, and I had to call up everywhere and arrange a booking for two at the same timing! It was such a difficult task since it was Mother’s Day. Finally managed to get a booking for the two Mothers for a massage, but Jon’s Mom called me earlier today and told me she couldn’t join us because she was feeling sick. ): Was feeling quite sad that she couldn’t join us considering the fact that I’ve put in so much effort into planning. Then when I told my Mom that Aunty wasn’t joining us anymore, she said that she didn’t want to go for the massage and said that she can go for one another time. -.-” So nothing I have planned or arranged took place. /:

Was feeling a little vain today so I dressed up! So vain that I’ve decided to wear my highest killer heels out to streets and kill my legs today. Truth to be told, I was felt that it is totally a waste of my money if I spent $50 on this pair of heels and have only worn them out once. Was just trying to make my money worthwhile. q:

My 3.5 (or is it 4?) inch killer heels from F21

Outfit of the day
Top from Bugis Street, bag and leggings from Far East Plaza, skinny belt from Bangkok, scarf from some online spree, heels from F21, $1 earrings from Cotton On, bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

Brought my Mom to Ding Tai Fung for lunch, and I believe that she enjoyed her meal! :D Talked about work and random things over lunch, and I really love having one-to-one sessions with my Mom. It’s always my Mom giving me a treat, but now that I’ve started working, it’s time to pamper her! (: I spent a lot lesser than I was expected on this meal, but a lot more throughout the entire day. ):

I wonder if you noticed, but there’s hardly any meat in the dishes I’ve ordered. I think I’m turning into a vegetarian really soon.

Think I look really fat and chubby here. ): My hairdo looks like one that’s of a lion’s. ):

It was shopping thereafter, and I brought my Mom to the Laneige Counter at Wisma’s Isetan! Wanted to show her all the skincare products since I’ve been thinking of changing mine for quite a while already, and yes I bought them in the end. The salesgirl’s also my customer, and she is really friendly and patient explaining to the both of us the individual functions of each product! :D She even threw in a hell lot of samples for both my Mom and I! Bought one of the essence for my Mom as a Mother’s Day gift because I could tell she wanted one.

Total damage just at Laneige’s counter: $254. But I hope this is a worthy investment! Every month, most of my expenditure goes to skincare products and food. This is really bad. But I guess one reason why I decided to buy them is because I love the salesgirl, she’s way too nice and patient. Gonna throw in free contact lenses/solutions for her the next time she buys her lenses, heehee.

Shopped around for a little more, but no more spending! Really wanted to get Ettusais’ lip essence since my lip’s always really dry, but I guess I’ll save that for the next month or something. I really need to have better control my own finances.

Dinner with my family (except for my second brother who was working) and Granny! :D Had sliced fish noodles at Amoy Food Centre, our usual sliced fish noodles hangout, but it was quite a disappointment because their standards have dropped quite a fair bit. ): But oh well, I enjoyed the company. Dinner was on me too! :D One really good thing about working is that you are financially independent from your parents, and you can pamper them in return too! :D

(Okay, but I am seriously broke after today. So no more luxury spending on food or any other items any more!)

The chicken was good though! :D

And so was the beef! (:

It’s a really simple day, but something that makes me feel really happy and satisfied with. Probably one of my most satisfying off days till date. (: I need to spend more quality time like these with the people I really love.

One really sad thing for the night, I think I have gained like 123912390128301283kg! My face is just so fat. ): Okay, I am fat. Need to eat air for the next few months until I become ideal looking!

And because I’m so happy with my shopping loots for today (even though it caused some heartache), I’ve got to share them! :D

The one on the extreme left is for my Mom, and the rest’s mine! q: Sunblock, toner, essence, and moisturizer are my essentials for my basic daily beauty regime. My face will thank me for my discipline in the future, I hope.

And these are all the FREE gifts I got from my purchase! :D Apart from the samples (packed in small paper packs) that were thrown in by the lovely salesgirl , the rest are free gifts from the Mother’s Day promotion! The amount of free gifts I got are a lot more than what I bought! :D

On top of these, I actually have got a free small trolley luggage (good for travelling) because I spent more than $200! Is this great or great?! HEEEHEEE!

I’m a happy aunty tonight! :D

10 thoughts on “Thank you for your undying Love.

  1. omg you so aunty! i like it very much! :) heheh my mom and i are thinking of getting laneige products too! but too bad we’ll miss this promo. i might buy it from korea and hope it’s cheaper there >.< i love the fact that you pamper your family and are so filial! :) heheh sooo nais of you babe. and u arent fat lor! love your dressing! i can never wear heels like that! :(

  2. Estella, Hahaha but I didn’t buy it because of all the free gifts! Just that it was a plus plus plus point for me to get it at that very moment! q: Didn’t know that there was so much though. The promo is probably still on today! Bring your mom down with you or something! Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I got the Laneige member card now heeeheee! :D But I believe it is still cheaper in Korea. But you can gain points and redeem a full sized toner or whatever products with the points! :O Thank you babe, I believe there are more filial people out there and I pale in comparison! I think I am just vain to wear such heels. q: Ultra fat to the maxxxx. ):


  3. Hey! why when i leave a comment, the name and mail have already filled in automatically?


    so weird!!!! i have delete it and put my own name and mail!
    btw, you dont look like you will wear a scarf with skeleton print on it! hahahaha, but its cute though.

  4. Stacey, I don’t know why man! That’s so weird. I ever got some spam comment with the email add! What a weird email! Hahaha, I’ve got this scarf since…. year two in poly?! I wore it so many times before!


  5. I like how aunty we are, hahaha! And gosh, I’m so happy just looking at all the laneige products you got, hee! I’m a sucker for skincare products :/

    I’m sure your parents are more than happy to have such an awesome daughter!:D

  6. Emily, I am a sucker for skincare products just like you! But your skins is almost flawless really! I love your skin to the max! :D I hope Laneige products will work for me. I’m already loving the brand even though I have barely starting using the things I bought except for the samples! q: Awww thanks Emily, you’re just being nice! (:


  7. …………………………. You. Went. DTF. And. Not. Order. Xiao. Cai.

    THIS IS ALMOST TOO BLASPHEMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go have some.

  8. Amanda, I don’t know what’s the Must Order dishes, except for the Xiao Long Baos! /: When are we meeting again my dear?


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