The good ol’ times

Back in 2007

Just arrived back home from work when I saw some facebook notifications on one of the older videos I was in.

Replayed the video, and I was damn amazed at how good we sounded. The days where band practices were long and tiring, the days when we had extra sectionals working very hard for the section competition, the days where I kept playing the flute it makes me feel so stressed, the days that I got closer to a group of people whom I still cherish even though I stopped going for band.

And if I may just share, the champion section for Singapore Poly Band Section Competition in 2007…

Flute Section
(Andrew, Emily, Faidhi, Joseph, Matthew, Liting, Wen Xiang and me)

I miss playing in a band, really.

10 thoughts on “The good ol’ times

  1. we can form a band to fulfil your wish. i’ll play the recorder. u play the flute :D

  2. Jon, By saying that we’ll form a band, did you mean we start a family that’s a size of a band? O.O I’d rather want your football club because a band has 100+ members! :O But hahaha, that comment really made me smile honey. That’s so sweet of you. (Bet you can’t remember how to play the recorder!)


  3. Wow. This is….. AMAZING. Hahaha, I think we work best under pressure. I still remembered how pressurized everybody was before the competition. and kellyn, I think you left out wenx’s name, HAHAHA!

  4. Emily, OH SHIT HAHAHAHA I was thinking whose name did I left out! q: Added his name in already! Hahaha. And oh yes the days when we got so stressed by Liting with just practising on this piece alone is… memorable! (: I never remember us sounding so good until we replay this video after a long while. I’m amazed! :D


  5. Haha , I heard something about left out my name ar! Lol I miss sp flute section !!!

  6. Wen Xiang, It just slipped off my mind, I really remembered you! ): I miss our section to. THAT very flute section to be exact. Band was not as fun when you guys left. ):


  7. super cool!!! hahas..a pianist’s 10 fingers’ piece = 8 flautists xD

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