Because he knows the worst thing about me, and its okay.

My idea of a perfect boyfriend is:
Someone who takes candid photos of me. Someone who can play a (or a few) musical instruments [bonus points +10]. Someone who will offer me his food before taking the first bite. Someone who will hug and watch me fall asleep. Someone who hugs me when I cry. Someone who will waste his day with me and calls it a ‘perfect day’. Someone who thinks I am beautiful when I don’t have my make up on. Someone who will stop gaming because I want his attention.

But even when you are not perfect, I’ll still choose you.

This boy appears, and is, a very mature young man in the making. He makes wise decisions that looks at the big picture rather than the small, gives me good advices and company, and is a very patient guy. He doesn’t make his decisions revolve around despite knowing I’ll be upset because he knows its the better path to a better future for us together.

A very fine young man in the making indeed. And if I may add, he’s very manly in my opinion (at least with his character).

But guess what I love most about him? The very fact that my presence tames his manly self and brings out the little girl in him. He’s amazing, but I think I am more amazing. q: But I guess that’s what makes the both of us amazing, to me at least. (:

And my reply?

Heehee, I just love us.

2 thoughts on “Because he knows the worst thing about me, and its okay.

  1. thank you babe, for being so great over the years and so loving and appreciative :D

  2. Jon, You’re welcome my dear.There’s no reason for me not to do so with our love so strong.


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