Graduation! :D

I’m looking forward to graduation day where I can meet up with all the familiar faces again. And then, this will be the last time I’d be looking at the school building calling myself a student (for now). I am actually quite sad that Jon can’t be there to witness my graduation since it may probably be my last graduation as well. Really wished that he could be here though. ):

Anyway, who is sitting where? Anyone that’s gonna be sitting near me?

On a side note, my dear friends are also welcomed to visit me on my graduation, heehee! :D

8 thoughts on “Graduation! :D

  1. ‘grats! And probably many more congratulatory wishes from Down Under!

  2. Chen, Hey Chen, thanks so much! Quite surprised to see your comment here but thanks so much! :D Hope school/work’s doing great for all of you guys in Melb! :D


  3. ya la CHEN. never comment one.

    congrats to you babe. i’m sorry and a bit pity i can’t be there. but you will enjoy it equally much. look forward to it :D

  4. Whoa, why CHEN in caps oh? Did I ‘tat jui lei’? :S

    When we going makan again? :)

  5. YES you did. HAHA. after next friday when i am assignment-free la. probably after we shift house den we can meet up for a post elgin celebration :D

  6. Baby, My love, you know nothing will be better than having you beside me. ):

    Anyway, what’s the lingo between you and Chen that I don’t understand a single word?! O.O Can you buy me a ticket then I can fly to Melb to visit your friends?! HEEHEE. Anyway, AHEM TO POST-ELGIN CELEBRATION. I know what you mean! ;P


  7. Haha. Eh Jon, quite safe here la. Don’t think Kellyn gets a lot of Elgin visitors to her blog right? So what’s this Post Elgin celebration? Is it maybe….hm…just what I’m thinking? Like umm…living more comfortably, without…hearing people talk rubbish? :P

  8. Chen, I don’t think anyone actually reads this boring space actually! What more about guys! q: Anyway, I think you got it right! Hahahaha, omg this is so bad. Oh boy this is getting funny I think I can get strike by lightning
    for being so mean! ):


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