To make up for my absence!

After waiting for a really long time, I finally got my license! :D

To be honest, the reason why I wasn’t updating wasn’t because I was sad but because I was lazy, heehee! But then again, I’m still very upset about the loss of the photos due to my stupidity. ):

Anyway, on the 23rd of April (Saturday) I met up with the usual DOPT peeps and we had Bak Kut Teh for supper together after work. I guess this will be the kind of time that we would be meeting in the future. ): Anyway, Bak Kut Teh at Outram, but I personally prefer the one at Havelock Road best! But even so, I think I drank about 10 bowls of the soup because I’m the ultimate soup lover! (Y)

It’s quite weird now that we are all working as a full-time Optometrist right now, and our conversations revolve around work! Just by sitting down and talking to each other, we stayed there till it was about 2am in the morning! Thank goodness I wasn’t working the very next day! q:

Give me all the soup in the world!
(I’m talking to Baby on the phone right now, and we made a deal that we’d eat Bak Kut Teh the moment he comes back! This picture is making me hungry already!)

Janice drove some of the girls home thereafter, but instead of heading back to our place we made a turn to the prata place at near in my area just to hang around with each other for a while more even though I was dead tired. Recommended them to try my all-time favourite – banana cheese prata! <3

Oh yes, I only reached home at about 4am! ):

I seriously feel damn sad about how fat I’ve become. Sigh, really damn sad I can cry now. )’:

It was a bleak day for me on the 27th of April. >:( It was totally a dramatic day. I’m too lazy to explain all over again, so here’s a screenshot from my twitter. Basically I forgotten to bring my transcripts to MOH leaving ION to get my supervisor’s signature at 11.30am and I’ve to reach MOH at 12pm. My day was a huge joke. /:

(Read this from the bottom to the top)

Lunch with Janice, Matt and Zi Wei at Chinatown, where I bought my cup of KOI bubble tea to cheer myself up from the very bleak experience earlier. ): We went to Serangoon Broadway to collect our graduation robes which is damn huge and ugly, probably because I was too short for it. ):

Janice and Matt came over to my house for a while just to kill some time. Matt played his guitar while I took out my flute to play. Haven’t touched my flute in a while and it’s kinda sad that my sound isn’t as good as it was. ): Taught Janice how to play the flute a little too! :D It was fun just wasting some time like this with my friends. At least there was something that made a pleasant turn for the day. (:

On a side note, guess what I got today? :D

In the mail…

And my practising certificate from MOH.

and from the company’s dispatch…

My very first Optometrist pay! :D :D :D

I really enjoy the independence of not having to rely on my parents for any allowance. It’s time for me to repay their patience and kindness for me. (: Have to admit that I was very happy at the amount I was given, but when I have put into consideration for the bills and commitments I’ve to pay for every month, I’m not left with a lot for myself to spend. Shall be really thrifty for the next few years, I hope!

As far as I am concern, I am really enjoying my job even though we are often mistaken as just-another-sales-person. (:

It’s already May, and I hope this coming month will pass really smooth and swiftly.

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