I’ll be going on hiatus for a while because I’m feeling very sad. Very sad over the very fact that my very very itchy hands deleted two folders from the my database of files in my web directory. Apparently that is where all the pictures in every entry here is stored in. And that also means all the files are gone! >:(

So freaking irritated with myself I can’t find to express my sadness anymore. Sigh. I only managed to retrieve back everything you see here from My Pictures & Recycle bin. Do me a favour, if your computer still manages to load some of the photos from my older entries, please save them and email it to me! IT’D REALLY HELP ME A LOT ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE COLLAGES! I’ve only managed to retrieve photos from the previous entry to this (and the few pictures of the postcard that Jon has sent me), which is only four entries. 112 more entries to go. I’m a sentimental person so they really mean a lot to me. )’:

Will get back to blogging when I feel happier. I want to cry now… bye.

One thought on “HIATUS!

  1. CHEER UP! DONT BE SAD! shit happens in life but we shit everday so lets all get used to it! :)

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