Thank You.

It’s 4.30am, and I’m smiling to myself in front of the computer. (As much as I wish to be lying on the bed fast asleep right now, I’m waiting for my hair to dry up since I can’t find the hair dryer any where.)

Our blog has been stagnant for quite a while, but I felt something was worthy of me checking it out today and how right was I. Every line that was written, even the serious ones, created a subtle smile on my face with a blasting happiness and bliss in me.

And the last line? It was the one the thing that makes me want to be hugging you so tightly and then giving you a tickle so you’d die in my hands as always.

No matter what, we will be together. I love you very much. Much more than any other thing. Only slightly more than my green bear. But he can take over you anytime if you misbehave :D

Bao Bao Jon

Oh yes Baby, I am very sure that the green bear has already taken my place a long long time ago. With that, nothing’s ever a threat for me anymore. ;)

6 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. Lol… It’s 4.30 and I’m still finding my way and trying my luck to get to ys house without my VERY GOOD gps.

  2. am i colour blind? tt bear is blue lorh!!! which part is green?? i cant tell sio!

    ps: i pass my colour tests :D:D

  3. Stacey, :D

    Janice, Hahaha, see you need me to be there for you! q:

    Sook Fung, I photoshopped the picture and adjusted the colours what hahaha.


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