I think I live for Love.

Anything for something like this.

Finally got to dress myself up after so long! Working deprives me from pampering myself. ): Anyway, I met up with Amanda yesterday evening and we had dinner at Wild Honey. Love hanging out with this girl because she brings me to awesome dining places that I probably would never know. I really love the setting of the restaurant, it makes me feel so comfortable and cosy. I like.

Amanda ordered European for herself, while I got myself English. Oh gosh, my share of food taste so awesome I really love it! :D The tomatoes were just beyond heaven I promise! I think it’s probably baked and it looked quite dry on the surface, but the moment I bite on it, the juice just flowed out! Though I eat tomatoes, I’ll only eat them with sandwiches or in soup but never alone. The tomatoes, they just taste so good on their now – so heavenly! I was also told that they baked the bread themselves. Many thumbs up for the food at Wild Honey, and I’ll definitely bring Baby there when he’s back! (Y)

The both of us spent a long time at Wild Honey after our meal, drinking water and catching up with each other. Updated Amanda about the recent happenings about Jon & I since she’s one really close mutual friend of ours who always try to mediate things whenever something goes wrong. I really appreciate her presence, and I sincerely love this girl to death for the very fact that she’s very straightforward and I really feel that everything about this friendship is just true with no hidden agenda.

As I was telling Amanda about this long-distance relationship that Jon & I are going through together, I teared. And that was something I really didn’t expect, especially when I probably already found it tiring and lazy to repeat the same story over again to a different person, and when the issue has already been solved. But it was when I was telling her about the plans, thoughts and surprises (that aren’t surprises any more) that Jon had in his mind about our wedding in particular made me cry. I thought I cried because I felt that I wasn’t good enough for this guy who loved me with all his heart and accepted all my flaws, but she said that I was just too happy. Perhaps she was right, and perhaps I just haven’t found someone for me to share my happiness with.

I am so glad to have Amanda, really.

Left Wild Honey to roam around Mandarin Gallery for a little while, and the moment we exit from the lift we were welcomed by very handsome Caucasian guys! :O Apparently they were models and there was this fashion event, and if not for the fact that we would have walked into their catwalk route, we’ve continued walking around Mandarin Gallery instead of getting out of the place via the nearest exit which leads us to Cineleisure. /:

Ohhh… and there’s this bird shit incident that happened which is damn gross yet hilarious at the same time hahahaha! The thought of it just makes me want to laugh. We walked around aimlessly and then finally decided to settle at Hong Kong Cafe. I thought we would just sit there for a short while and catch up a little more before we go separate ways, but we ended up sitting there talking about everything under the sun. The kind of things we can talk about, it’s makes me smile. (:

The hello kitty marshmallows that Amanda gave me. (:

I’ll do anything to have more of such sessions with this girl.

7 thoughts on “I think I live for Love.

  1. We look damn horrible on the cover. My face ballooons on your camera I want to die.

    BUT AW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amanda, Hahahahaha, you are damn funny. But I think work just makes us ugly. ): LOVE YOU TOO BABE! <333

    Jon, Baby… must you be so mean? -.-” Anyway I don’t see any difference! /:


  3. No point arguing with you. You are on her side. She is a bad influence

  4. Jon, HAHAHAHA! Crazy boy, you’re just jealous that she’s bringing me to nice places to eat without you. See how angsty you’ve become without food. Tsktsk!


  5. …………………………………………………………………………… Our friendship ends here chau.

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