Something I want to achieve.

Ever since I started working, I’ve made it a point to spend one of my off days (out of the two) with my either my family or Jon’s. And due to my long working hours, it deprives me from learning to be domesticated. ): With that, I’ve already told my Mom I’ll prepare dinner with her next Sunday. I really want to learn cooking.

And today, I spent my off day at The Chau’s. It was a lazy Sunday, and there’s not much details for me to elaborate on so I’ll make this a pictorial entry. (:

Met up with Jerwin at Jurong Point and gave him a treat at Pepper Lunch since he never tried it before. I was supposed to meet him at 1pm, but I ended up leaving the house when it’s almost 1pm. No prizes for guessing how late I was. Anyway, I still had to wait for him for quite a while after I reached Jurong Point because he was in the midst of DOTA. Look at how the game ruin The Chau Brothers, tsk tsk!

My Salmon Pepper Rice! *nom nom nom*

Porch was so active the moment we arrived home, he was jumping all over.


What a greedy little chap! Porch looks so cute in this picture! <3

I know it’s quite dirty to have a dog licking you all over your face (and may even cause pimples), but I can’t resist this boy! :D

My very first time bringing Porch down for a walk around the neighbourhood! The boy has been very curious sniffing and stopping every now and then. It was quite funny how he got a little scared and started making whiny noises after hearing some loud barking by another dog from afar.

Probably curious about the other dog in the mirror!

Porch was a little too scared to climb the stairs, so he just got stucked. When we helped him to the first step, hoping that he’d continue climbing further, he just stood still. He was too scared to come down I had to carry him!

Porch baby was so tired after the walk he dashed to the corner of the house and laid down immediately. He literally ran to the corner, so cute!

SUPER CUTE! <3 <3 <3

And that is my Sunday. (:

On a side note, I really want to get my LX-3 when my first pay comes in, but Baby refuses to let me buy it until he comes back. My heart is itching already! ): Can July just come now so that I can get my camera?! I think Baby’s sad that I want the camera more than looking forward to his arrival, heehee!

Stay positive, May is already coming! :D

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  1. actually hor, to be domesticated means to be trained. Like, domesticate the puppy, cat, etc. I think so.

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