A Perfect Life

A really awesome getaway every night after work – Home.

This is the ideal lighting of my room; dim yet cosy.

And I’d really love to have an entire wall of photos somewhere in my house.

Sitting on my comfy bed with soothing music playing from the radio, using my Macbook Pro (which I’m gonna buy when I’ve saved enough).

My hobby – Travelling.

I really, really love scenic views. It always takes my breath away, and I can just stay in a moment like this forever.

Just look at the stars.

I love city views too.

And as a girl, I guess it’s not that surprising for me to include the following into the list:



And being me, how can I miss out Food?

Last but not least, a really awesome wedding and blissful Marriage

(Really love Kate Hudson’s Vera Wang wedding dress in Bride Wars. Beautiful.)

With you.

A really random entry that resulted from boredom. I’m such a dreamer. I guess working makes me think of what are things I want to achieve in life. It’s not about getting As any more, it’s about feeling happy. But I guess it doesn’t kill to dream once in a while, right? Life would be such a monotonous video playing over and over again if you don’t dream.

I’m glad at least I’ve a dream. (:

14 thoughts on “A Perfect Life

  1. The pictures are so pretty and awesome! I super heart the city view too but too bad spore doesn’t have it :(

    And and, if you want to gt macbook pro or something, probably wait till the university start sch again, they have student prices!(:

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! SO MANY THINGS I LIKE TOO :D heheh. i wanna invest in a holga soon! should i buy 123bc one? :D

  3. Emily, I totally agree too! Actually I think Singapore has quite nice city lights! You should catch the wonderful view of it up in swissotel! I really love the view from there! :D Jon can help me get a macbook pro from Aussie for a cheaper price! So all I’m going to do now is to save for it! Heehee, can’t wait to get my macbook yay! :D

    Estella, Hahaha, I totally love the things in the picture! And what is 123! q: Anyway, is the 135 the same as the normal ones? If it is then get that, since it’ll be a lot cheaper in the long run! I totally feel like investing in one too! :D


  4. hey baby. you are good at hunting for such beautiful pictures. really awesome :D this blog entry is relaxing. i love it.

  5. Jon, I hope this entry helped you relieve your stress from school sweetie. (: I look through really beautiful pictures like these every night to make me feel happier. (: In case you didn’t realise, the first picture of the city view is actually Melbourne. Have you actually noticed the beautiful view when you’re there? (And this is the reason why I want awesome cameras! :D)


  6. yes i know it melbourne. i realised it by noticing yarra river. well don’t worry about my stress. i got .A (dotA)

  7. Jon, Well, I think I’m gonna inform your parents about your A grade. ;)


  8. Hahah am really glad that things are going so sweeet between you and jon :)

  9. Jervelle, Hahaha, thank you! (: Haven’t talked to you in a really long time! How are you doing?


  10. haha. uni life sucks totally not for poly students seriously. i fail my module during the first semester. currently having a tough time, may be intending to quit if my gpa continue to go down. (ps. by the way, my current gpa is already like at the bottom.

  11. Jervelle, Don’t give up so easily! I believe you can hang in there even though it’s hard. Not everyone gets to go into a uni like you do!


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