You know what makes you happy.

Meeting up with people that matters makes me really happy. (:

It’s my off day today, and it’s awesome because I had lunch at Billy Bombers with Matt. 1-for-1 lunch promotion for UOB card holders, yay! :D Anyway, it’s really good to be updating each other the way we do about the ongoing (or issues that were over), and our friendship amazes me. Really. Very thankful to have someone like him actually; a girlfriend in a guy form, who is there for me (sometimes even more than my girlfriends) and to share opinions of how a guy would probably think too.

I really hope we’ll get to do this often as time passes, because I know our paths in life will be diverging.

Anyway, Janice came over to find us because she had some things to hand over to me. It was the wasabi peas (or rather, black beans) that they got for me from their Taiwan trip! It’s quite sad how everyone gets me food from their trips. ): Caught up with them a little, then we moved over to Pasta Mania where Yan Shan had her lunch. Bet it felt really nice to have so many people to have lunch with while you were at work. (:

Estella came over and had her lunch at Pasta Mania too, before we went separate ways with Janice and Yan Shan. (: Matt joined the both of us in our shopping spree, and I’m surprised that he wasn’t bored at all. (Or at least he doesn’t seem to be that bored.) Look at what our Thailand graduation trip trained this boy to do! :D

My loots for the day: hot pink bandage skirt and a top. Damage: $26! :D

Estella and I bought the same top and skirt, in different colours! That girl cajoled me to buy the skirt when I didn’t really have the intention to! How evil! We walked over to Haji Lane, and I totally love the concept of the shops over there! Totally incoherent, but I’d wish to own a house that has a physical structure just like one of these shop houses! Would be lovely to have a house that has an attic! :D Love the old school concept too, how relaxing. (:

Back to the main point, we saw many awesome things in one of the shops! Very cute door stoppers, pretty fabric laptop bags, and awesome film cameras (I swear I want all of them :O)!

Got a little tired and lazy from the terribly humid weather, so we walked back to Bugis to get some rest. Settled at Ah Chew Desserts to satisfy my desserts craving (before dinner time)! q: Amanda told me that they served one of the best herbal jelly she tasted in Singapore, and I got to say that it is definitely better than the one I tried in Chinatown which was more expensive with lousy quality! /: The best I’ve ever tried is still Hong Kong’s Hoi Ting Tong’s! q: Made Estella try the herbal jelly because didn’t dare to after knowing it was from turtle! Matt suggested video-taping the entire process of her eating it because it was just hilarious! :D

I enjoyed myself so much today with the company of this two! (: Really can’t believe that the day has ended just like that, and I’ve gotta get back to work tomorrow. To be honest, I still can’t believe that I’m actually working full-time already! :O I’ve gotta slowly adjust my mindset to one of an working adult really soon. ):

Oh, and….

The masks that Matt got for me from Taiwan, heeeheee! Makes me so happy! :D

6 thoughts on “You know what makes you happy.

  1. wow you are damn efficient when it comes to blogging leh. really pei fu you. hahaha! awesom day spent tgt babe! :) it was nice seeing matt too! oh and i think the parrot’s damn cute. why dont u play with it? ;) heehee im sucha evil twin right. but we’re quits cause you forced me to eat the poor turtle omg! :O love shopping with you btw :) we must go thailand tgt one day! HAHAHAAHA i bet we’ll buy the whole of bangkok back home.

    <3 you babe! thanks for the great time!

  2. Estella, Hahaha, I did it because I don’t wish to end up being too lazy to talk about the day as time pass! The parrot is damn gross I don’t like! You are really damn evil. I’m going to add loads of herbal jelly into your grass jelly (if you ever eat them with me) next time I promise! :D Oh yes, let’s plan a thailand trip together when we feel richer okay?! Singapore will sink when we come back heehee! <3 YOU TOO! ;D


  3. HAHAHA, the convo very funny!

    (Y) the buy the whole of bangkok back home part LOLLL

  4. November, Hahaha, we are always funny!

    To Matt (if you are reading this): Amanda’s talking about you! She’s such a freak. HAHAHA!


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