A mishmesh of random happenings

Haven’t really been updating on how or what I’ve been up to lately, although most of my time is revolving around work, so I’m just going to do a really quick update in point form before I get too lazy and decide never to talk about them! (:

1. I guess I’m actually doing quite fine in my new working environment. Rather huge responsibilities, but I must say I enjoy my work despite the long working hours and being often misunderstood and looked upon as just-another-sales-person. Oh well, guess I can say all’s good! :D

2.Quite a few of my friends actually came down to visit me, or meet up with me for lunch/dinner! :D Estella, Eng Heng, Karen Ting, Matt, Samantha Ting, Stacey, Yuli, just to name a few! (:

3. I’m going to catch Iron Man 2 for free in early May, how exciting! :D It’s a free movie sponsored by Ciba Vision for Optometrists working in Optical 88. Look at how the things that contact lens companies do to bribe us to sell their products! q:

4. I’m starting to bring packed food from home for lunch every day. There are even some random days I will cook up something simple for myself! (: Love having an apple and a bottle of yakult for breakfast too! (:

5. Brought my Mom out to shop on my off day! :D I love some alone bonding time with my Mom just like this. (: After which, Soulmate came over joined us after that and we had Sun with Moon for dinner! :D Recommended Stacey to try my favourite collagen soup and she loved it! :D

6. Met up with Optique Zone’s ladies after work at Timbre one day.

7. Very funny and random convos with Jon.

K: Dear I don’t want to work anymore *hinting to him to feed me for the rest my life*
J: YOU BETTER GO AND WORK!!! *awhile later* Eh dear, why not I be your xiao bai lian? You have to pay for all of my expenses when we go out, then you have to pay me extra $50 to spend the day with you.
K: -.-” I want to kill you now.

K: Dear, I’ve already planned for you what you want for your 21st birthday already.
J: Woah, don’t stress me like that leh. (since he’s probably having some weird plans)
K: I booked the Macdonalds at Boon Keng. Kid’s birthday party!
J: Phew, I don’t feel that stress anymore. Mine’s just slightly worse than your plan.
K: -.-“

Just when I always think I’m going to shock him with his life, he always have a way to counter me. But here’s one from me to him! (Y)

K: Dear, can you faster start working?
J: Why leh?
K: I am planning to retire by the age of 25! :D

2 thoughts on “A mishmesh of random happenings

  1. your lunch looks really good! i wish i had a good job now to pay for my trips ;( haha. glad that things are alright now with jon! :) and u look so pretty! is that a maxi dress? :D

  2. Estella, The lunch’s really simple! Probably took me less than 15 minutes to get everything done. Really want to learn whipping up a meal (something that will take you an hour or more!) You’ve gotta be kidding me! I thought I either look very terrible, or I look very pale. ): Anyway, it’s not a maxi dress! Just a top. I’m too short for a maxi dress! ):


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