My heart skipped a beat.

All that I’ve been waiting for.

This boy, he has all the patience in the world to wait for me to receive this mail before he wants to clear the stale air between us over the past few days. And being the extreme opposite, I can never hide my happiness, surprises or even patience from any thing.

My heart; it skipped a beat while opening up this mail. I love trying to figure out what you are writing with your almost-illegible handwriting.

Who says your magic doesn’t work on me any more? Your magic works on me, even despite knowing what’s coming. It always does.

Thank you for bringing that smile on my face, and the patience you have for me.

5 thoughts on “My heart skipped a beat.

  1. i posted it on 6apr and paid extra to get it delievered it on the next day. but it took a week??? anyway, i hope you like it because i remembered that you asked me about the HK post card, saying that why i nvr give you one since i was overseas.

  2. neeways was me dr love hotline no. next time ok!! help u predict wad will happen next :D

  3. Stacey, Hahaha, probably because his first trip to Hong Kong was with me last December! (:

    Jon, Why did you even bother to pay extra! Should have either sent by normal mail or get it mailed out earlier! You gotta realised that it’s overseas mail my dear. Did you get the postcard when we were in HK? I don’t remember you buying any postcards! Thanks baby for your sweet little act, I loved it. (:

    Sook Fung, Hahaha, you are proclaiming yourself to be a psychic or what! Maybe you should just set up a booth in chinatown and get your business started! q:


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