You make me smile.

So I was having this long call with Jon today morning, and it was really awesome. Shared so much laughter, I love how this started my Sunday. (:

One of the short conversations was this, and I thought Jon’s response was swift and funny. Can’t believe that the boy came up with this.

J: Wo men dou lao fu lao qi le (We are such an old couple already)!
K: Oh then baby, maybe it’s time for a change. (Referring to finding a new boyfriend)
J: Yea, maybe you should be the guy and I should be the girl.
K: O.O

Then we were talking about on this very day 4 years ago, he just arrived at Australia. He confessed to me that he liked me on the 2nd, I confessed on the 5th (or so he said), then we got together on the 7th. Everything happened so quickly, and I to think that I thought that we wouldn’t be able to last back then.

Those were the days.

It has been almost four years already, and I still fall in love with the same person every single day.

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