Alright, I’ve got things to rant about work, but I am not going to do so. Ranting too much about work makes this a space boring, so I am saving you from that! But anyway, this is a really random post!

For the past few days, I was thinking how would I want my 21st birthday celebration to be. Jon asked me how I’d want to plan my party, but didn’t really thought much about it until more people started asking me the same thing on the very same day. ): It may be only April right now, but if I really want to plan something, I guess I should start doing so now.

Initially, I thought that since I never had a birthday party ever before since I was born, it may be a good idea to just have one on this special day. I found a potential wonderful location to hold this party, but only to find that it will actually cost me a hell lot to book the place. ):

Maybe I should just have many different dinner sessions with the different group of people I love? My two families, St. Margaret’s honeys, DOPT family, SP Band lovelies, and maybe a few more random people. As much as I really wish to have a huge party and invite everyone (I’ve came up with a list of people I’d wanna invite, and it came up to about 50 people. Madness!) I really can’t imagine having to host all these people without really enjoying myself. ): Maybe separate events will be good.

And maybe these will make an ideal 21st birthday party to me!

1) Flowers
I am, honestly, fine with not receiving flowers (and I am not a big fan of them). But when I actually receive these beautiful thing, my heart just soften immediately.

2) Cakes
I am not a fan of chocolates (yes, you got that right! I belong to the minority), so I won’t want to have a chocolate cake for my birthday. But I am a die-hard fan for fruity ice-cream and cheesecakes, so maybe a combination of a cheesecake flavoured ice-cream cake will be perfect! (Wait, does such a thing even exist?)

(I just this picture because of the sparklers, not the chocolates! So pretty!)

3) Dinner
I’d usually want the actual day of my birthday to be slow and easy, to take things at my own pace. Probably explains why I wouldn’t want to have a party on the actual day if I had one, and spend the day with Jon if he’s around.

And being such a food lover, I’d definitely want to pamper myself with something nice with my fellow food-indulgent boyfriend.

Forlino Italian Restaurant


(Picture grabbed from Amanda’s Facebook)

4) Camera(s)

This is something I MUST get for myself this birthday. In fact, before my birthday, so that I can snap down all those wonderful moments (whether I have a party or not) with this awesome camera. It’s a little costly, but it’s an investment and I am going to work hard and save for it. I know I will love this Baby before I get my first DSLR.

In addition to this, I’d love to have all these toy cameras too!

5) Something new
I have no idea what, but I’d really want to do something new.
(Travelling to somewhere I’ve never been to sounds damn good!)

6) Lazy night
Have some of our favourite songs playing on the laptop, laying in bed and talking through the night.

I think I am too bored, hence the entry. To be honest, I don’t really need a fanciful and extravagant birthday. I just want it to be memorable and happy. It’s actually just another birthday that reminds you that you are a year older, and you have to behave like you are ready to deal with the cruel world, isn’t it? I don’t really want that. ):

But secretly… I think I’d have more ideas up in my mind for my future-engagement party rather than my 21st birthday party.

5 thoughts on “Two-One

  1. Are you hinting all your readers to get those mentioned items for you during your birthday?! CHEEKY :D

  2. Jon, Nope, only you. Flowers, dinner, cake from you. I was just kidding la! This entry was out of boredom. It doesn’t even make any sense at all! But I’d really want to save enough money and get myself an LX3 by then, and I believe I’d really be the happiest girl! :D


  3. wahahah! totally agree with Jon xD
    ohs, btw, how much did u pay monthly for ur .com? my dad was asking me abt it. he wana setup to help?

  4. Sook Fung, I can’t remember how much I paid for it since I paid it all at one shot. Eh, I am not very good with making a professional website leh. How come everyone’s asking me to help! My skills are totally limited to the max. /:


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