First Day

First day at work was…. weird.

Weird because I didn’t have the usual company of my colleagues who makes me feel very comfortable at work.
Weird because I am going to perform eye tests in a different environment.
Weird because I am totally unfamiliar with products that’s available and the discount that is allowed to be given.

Guess I can’t complain much since I was the one who wanted to work elsewhere.

When my ex-colleague gave me a call after work to just check out how I was coping on the first day, I teared. ): I really miss my colleagues a lot, and I never forsee myself to be reacting this way. ): I really don’t like this feeling of unfamiliarity, and I hope it goes away really soon.

Anyway, I am posted to Optical 88 located at Wisma Atria, so feel free to drop by and visit me! (: In fact, I am available to go on lunch and dinner dates, so feel free to ask me out for a meal at nearby vicinities! (:

One positive thing about working in Wisma Atria: It only takes me 30 minutes to reach work (including walking and waiting time)

One negative thing about working in Wisma Atria: I have to spend a hell lot of money of food right now. Everything is so expensive! Does anyone know of where I can get damn cheap food in town, like maybe <$4?!

Now I need the Ministry of Health to have my license approved as soon as possible, or else I will be receiving terrible mudhole pay for the whole of the first month! I even had so much trouble with applying on the website. /: The government sector better be efficient, because time is money to us now. And I am talking about a super huge difference by the way, so please pardon my stinginess (and I am not the only one who feels this way).

(P.S: Anyone’s free to go on a shopping date with me next week on my off day? I seriously need to replace my torn and tattered bag and get a new pair of comfy shoes. My flats are making my sole hurt already!)

10 thoughts on “First Day

  1. Kellyn!

    Go to Lucky plaza, the mix veg rice only $2- $2.50 at the basement! If nt, try the malay chicken rice at the highest floor of lucky plaza, $4 if i rem correctly when I used to work at Taka.
    Don’t every eat at the food republic mixed veg rice, it’s freaking $9, HAHAHA.

    Alt, can walk to centrepoint area, got awesome curry chicken and pontian wanton, LOL.

    Okay, I better scoot off, sounding like some glutton now.

    Enjoy your work ya!:D

  2. hiaz, chill man, think abt the rest of us who keeps on getting new jobs -.- u good life too long alr lah.. :D
    cheap food have!! 1)far east 2) orchard tower.. if u wanna walk abit more 3) spotlight, there behind tt building, shit queen of orchard cannot think of tt building’s name suddenly -.- there alot of cheap n nice food 4) lucky plaza

  3. Emily, Omg Lucky Plaza is so far! But alright, I shall consider! If not you bring me there for lunch one day?! Then you can show me all the cheap food in town! Hahahaha. Please keep recommending me more cheap food! I have to eat there for at least 2 years man! ):

    Sook Fung, I don’t get special treatment when I was in OZ! Just that… I miss the people. Very much like a homesick feeling. ): Orchard Tower is damn far la omg. And I never heard of this place called Spotlight before! Come find me for lunch okay!


  4. aww babe! i’ll come find you one of these days okay? don’t be so sian :) my bag also spoil already. the strap broke. so sad :( shop for a new one tgt? last time i usually bought food at opp hilton hotel. theres some ulu ulu stalls there but quite cheap. otherwise i’ll just buy pastamania using my student card! Hahaha i think got 30% or something :p

  5. dont worry babe. you will adapt and do fine. when i come back, i’ll visit u during lunch and dinner. we’ll have mini dates during ur meal breaks

  6. Estella, Awww so nice! Let’s have lunch or dinner when you are free or something! I just went to buy a bag today at Charles & Keith! q: But I can go shopping with you to find yours too! And I need to find a pair of comfy shoes, so let’s just plan a shopping date soon! We haven’t met in forever! q: Eh, I need a student card for cheap pasta mania, but I’m not a student anymore. ):

    Jon, Awww Baby, that’s so sweet of you. It totally made me smile to myself a whole lot! Looking forward to the day that you are back! I am missing you terribly honey. ):


  7. heyhey! when is your off day? i have yet to get my work attire /: although my internship is going to end but i just wanna get smth! HAHAHA. ME TOO! clarke quay’s food is super ex…all more than $4 =.= bubble tea also $2…and i need snacks to survive in office so i am like so broke! you can bring lunch box if you wanna save money ):

  8. Stacey, HEY HONEY! My off day’s on Thursday. At least for now, not too sure if there will be any changes. Wanna go out after your work? I can go out with my Mom before meeting you first! (: I did thought of bringing a lunch box, but I don’t have a microwave at work so my food’s gonna be very cold since I start work at 1030. ): I am still trying to scout for cheap food in town! q:


  9. heh i wanna go C&K to take a look at their bags! but idk if there’s anything affordable there. their prices just keep increasing :( okay sure! i just bought a pair of sneakers today! :D but i can pei you too, heehee. use your old student card! thats what i did!

  10. Estella, We can go down together to check them out on our shopping date if you want! No hurry and goals for our shopping trip, if we see it, like it, then buy it! If not, we’ll walk away! :D I’m gonna keep my ezlink card and put it to good use (like scamming people for student deals, heehee)!


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