Every ending marks the start of a new beginning.

Today’s my last day at Optique Zone, and I had mixed emotions about it. Felt really weird having to work with a different group of people, and I know that I’ll never be as well taken care of as these people here. I bet only Kay Minn will understand how I feel since she’s working there as an intern now – their friendliness and the guidance they provide. I’ve definitely learnt a lot over there, and it was quite difficult for me to bid my farewell to them.

Their replies to my farewell message almost made me tear even though it was just simple. I guess moving out of my comfort zone expects me to deal with a lot more than this, and this is just the beginning.

I hope my first day at work tomorrow will be smooth flowing, with a good working environment and easy-going colleagues. Let’s just pray for the best!



Tomorrow marks the beginning for me.

Welcome to phase two of life.

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