I’ll work for love, over time.

A result from being bored stiff!

Met up with March yesterday for a girly catch up session! And as usual, before I left the house, I received to a message from this girl saying that she’ll be late. Tell me what’s new! :P Decided that I should take a picture of my outfit for the day since I was bored stiff at home waiting for time to pass.

Blazer and skort from Bangkok, Tank from Cotton On.

But guess what? March was still late even though the meeting time was changed. This girl will never change her habit of being late! Since we were famished, we settled for Pontian Wanton Noodles at Far East Plaza. Cheap food ftw! (: Shopped around the mall without any intention to buy anything was good too! :D March got herself a blazer, which I really thought was nice! Blazers are good investments. I’m always in for clothes that will never go out of trend! (Y)

Walked over to ION, and we shared a large ice-cream from the Food basement. A recommendation by March, and it was my first time trying – Blueberry Cream Cheese Ice-cream! I love anything cheesy yay! We sat down and had a heart-to-heart talk for a long time, I like! :D Then she decided that she wants to go back to Far East Plaza to shop again! Fickle is her middle name.

Dessert at SLICE.

After dessert, March and I went separate ways where I met up with Amanda for a dinner date together. Haven’t seen this girl for quite a while already! She brought me to try Go! Go! CURRY at ION’s food level, and it’s indeed a gem hidden in the midst of the average! The curry was good, and we ordered a big plate (called Grand Slam I think) for two to share! Heard it from her that it is very famous in Japan, and the best of all is that it’s rather affordable! (:

Veronica came over to join us, and then we headed over to Starbucks just to chat till 10pm. The two girls seem to have quite a stressful yet interesting internship experience, and I really feel motivated by them at the way they’re working towards their career. I’m impressed, really. It’s actually quite interesting to have friends who are working in the PR/media industry, and I do feel that their job is so interesting although it has a price to pay (lack of rest and loads of stress). Very proud of them actually. (:

I went to the salon today and still gave it a go despite my usual hairstylist wasn’t there. Obviously, I regretted. ): Now my hair’s so short it’s weird and ugly! ): If I still feel ugly about myself tomorrow, I might just want to head back down and find my usual hairstylist and get an even shorter hair cut. It’s neither here nor there now, might as well just get it really short. So much for wanting to keep it long and then get my waves. ):

But then again, I think it’s not the length of the hair that bothers me. The fringe. It’s the fringe. I look like an ugly primary 5 nerd I can kill myself now. ): I want my fringe back. *looks at the pictures above, then sulk.* ):

2 thoughts on “I’ll work for love, over time.

  1. you still look pretty silly girl! :) and i love your shorts! the food is killing me, i better close this page nao.

  2. Estella, NOOOO! You haven’t seen how short my current hair is. ): And yea, I like the shorts too! Very much like a skirt as well! (Y)


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