I miss you.

Tonight while you were fast asleep, I sat in front of my laptop thinking about you, looking through photos of us, and watching our personal collection of funny videos. I swear I was so tempted to post the videos up and show the world how silly you are when you are with me, but I know you’d kill me if I did.

Long forgotten videos of us fighting in the pool like sumo wrestlers, crazy moments when there’s only two of us in the car laughing non stop, funny abusive moments, shy expressions on your face when you had to act your silly movements all over again for me, disgusting moments of you playing with the green bear like it’s your baby.

Couldn’t stop laughing really hard to myself while watching the videos, and I’m looking forward to show our kids how retarded and silly their Daddy actually is. (:

I guess I’ve forgotten that I have these videos to make my day whenever I am feeling upset or down.


2 thoughts on “I miss you.

  1. i miss you too darling. I would really kill you if you posted any bit.

  2. Jon, I know you would, so I protected you! q: Shall we have a long convo on the phone tonight darling? Haven’t done so in a while. ):


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