Bon vieux souvenirs

To be honest, I’d admit that my memory has failed me along the way, forgetting about a lot of wonderful memories and moments I once had. That’s why I love taking pictures. They dig out these amazing times I had that were left untouched in a corner of my mind.

Very proud to be a St. Margaret’s girl. Gained so much through that 5 years in my life – memories, knowledge and of course weight! ):

(I guess this is also when I really start to like Australia)

Flute section

Three sisters

Blue Mountains

My girlfriends and I, when we were so much younger and innocent.

Performing at the Sydney Opera House.


Singapore Youth Festival 2005 – Gold.

I love Kay Minn’s hair!

Hi, my name’s Ball.

13 thoughts on “Bon vieux souvenirs

  1. the 3rd girl with the green hairband, first row.. is that jeanna?? SO CUTE!!! haha

  2. omg, i think comparing the photos from this entry to the ones from the previous, i look damn extreme. ):

  3. haha, kellyn, im jus laughing at ur sec look thru out the whole entry. so damn innocent n cute.

  4. Fang Yu, Hahaha yes that’s jeanna. (:

    March, Oh well, we have grown up to be fine young ladies! Hahahaha! q:

    Jia Sheng, I bet you are laughing because I am fat right! But yes, so damn cute and innocent. And it is still the same now thanks! HAHAHAHA.


  5. OMG!!! hahahaha damn coolz. it’s so amazing to see how much you’ve changed and grown since sec sch! :) i think i put on drastic amount of weight after sec sch too. lol! i used to be 39kg. rofl, now like some censored word! aussie pictures look so good. put u in my bag when i go ok?

  6. was it a trend to look ‘bung-ish’ then? why do you, jolyn and march have almost the same hairstyle?!

  7. Kellyn! The picture where you girls did the 3 fingers thingy, your face is super priceless, HAHAHA! OMG, I kept laughing at that same picture, so cute lah! q:

  8. Estella, Hahaha, stop laughing at me! ): I was damn thin, until sec three I gain weight like WOAH! Don’t know what happened. Hahahaha. Yes Aussie’s damn fun! But that’s in Sydney & Bathrust! I believe you’ll still like that place a lot though! I really wish you can put me into your luggage! ):

    Audrey, Like you said, trend maybe! Jeanna also had similar hairstyle. Omg why was my hair so short? ):

    Emily, STOP LAUGHING AT ME EMILY! HAHAHAHA. I know, and those were the days! q:


  9. wahahah!!! short hair was the in thing then xD
    yeah sec 3 u put on so much weight tt ur backside was superly huge xD

  10. :p i like to give leh! aye neva give credits to photos! i see alot from my cam hor!

  11. Sook Fung, Hahaha, please I don’t even know where the photos were from! I just found them in a folder of my hard drive!


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