Please turn back.

I want to be how I was when I was Seventeen. So much happier, so much more carefree. When all I have to worry about is not doing my homework and getting caught my the teachers. When all I have to worry about is O levels.

All I really want is to be happy.

Make me happy again.


4 thoughts on “Please turn back.

  1. sighh, i also want like that. where all we worried about was coursework and O’s. Plus our daily updates and bugging u to teach me chemistry. lol! i really really really miss those times.

    anyway, something happened to u? i’m right here babe. (:

  2. March, Those were the days. Where we would talk about everything and anything every day. I really miss those carefree days. ): You free on Tuesday?! Let’s go out, and then I can spill every thing to you too. ):


  3. like that lah! dun wanna jio!! hahas! u guys going for band prac on tt day?

  4. Sook Fung, Hahaha, it was just impromptu! But anyway, we met up on Monday instead! I’m not going for the prac, not too sure about March though!


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