Give me more Smoked Salmon!

The wonderful people that guided me a lot through my part-time working experience at Optique Zone. I’ll miss their patience and their craziness, and I hope my new colleagues would be as easy and fun-loving as them. (:

After work on Friday night, some of my colleagues and I went to The Loof as a mini farewell party for me. Loved the ambience of that place, a rooftop pub, even though it was a tad to noisy since it was a Friday night. Would definitely want to visit the place again, but with the wonderful company of my lovely girlfriends instead! (:

I ordered smoked salmon pizza and magic mushrooms because I was feeling famished and greedy! Gotta say that I love smoked salmon pizza big time, but it’d have been better if there was tomatoes and more mozzarella cheese on it! Basically I love smoked salmon, and I can just eat only smoked salmon and nothing else for 3 meals a day! (Okay, exaggeration noted but you get the idea.) Magic mushrooms, because I love mushrooms! But then I guess maybe I’d love to eat sautéed mushrooms (or any other way of cooking it) more than fried, since it tends to absorb a little more oil. /: But love it because it’s topped with tomatoes! <3

I’m leaving Optique Zone, where I’ve learnt a lot, to widen up my exposure to this industry. And hopefully, I’d learn even more. I guess I do deserve a pat on my back for being so willing to step out of my comfort zone on my own accord, and let’s just hope for the best to happen. I’m really hoping that I”ll meet great people at work, or at least easy-going people who will take care of me as a freshie! (:

Above all that, I’ll really miss these people whom I’ve been working with for the past 3 years as a part-timer.

And for now, I’m jobless for the next two days (but gotta go back and help out on the 31st since Uncle specially requested for me to)! (: I hope my pay comes in quick because I’m drained down to only $20 in bank account! Broke as hell. ):

For the three days, today included, I’ll have quite a few things to do. Resting at home (will be planning to do this most of the time), getting a hair cut, scout for a bag (since my current one is torn and tattered! ):), and meet up with some friends.

With that, I’m starting my second phase of life on the 1st of April, and I hope all goes well. (:

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  1. hahas, cn fight with me liao..i left 8.20! plus i jobless longer than u..boohoo!

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