Drink and groove to the music!

An advance birthday celebration for my dearest girlfriend! (:

Yesterday night was an advance birthday celebration for Sook Fung at Supper Club with the girlfriends – Audrey, Jolyn, Kay Minn, Linda, March, Meilin and Sook Fung. Couldn’t join the girls earlier due to work, but my second time clubbing experience with them was enjoyable. Not forgetting that it was Ladies Night with an additional privilege of getting free drinks since Sook Fung’s brother’s working there! I practically didn’t spend a single cent at the club, woots! :D

The drinks was fine, the music wasn’t really fantastic (but heard that it got better after I left), but dancing with these awesome people was great! :D

Gotta be honest that I’m lazy and tired after photoshopping all the pictures, so here’s my pictorial entry to sum up the night of fun I had! (:

Left early with Audrey and March at about 1.30am since I can’t really stand staying up too late and partying through the night! Quite sad, but oh well, that’s probably one reason why I don’t really club.

Wanted to sleep in today, but woke up to Jon’s call because he wanted to check that he didn’t hear any voice of a guy beside me. Hahaha, that boy’s crazy (and of course he was kidding). The main purpose of calling me was to ask if I wanted to get a 13″ or 15″ Macbook Pro since his school was having some promotion which is cheaper along with the addition of a free iPod Touch! :O He made me so happy, until he told me that the 13″ was out of stock. ): Should I go for the normal Macbook then? Please give me some opinions, especially existing Macbook users! Anyway, I really appreciate this boy’s thought of getting me the Macbook! :D

Since I’ve taken a day off from work, I spent most of the day at home. But it wasn’t so much of resting, but working on the company’s website (which I hope to launch before April). In addition, Icouldn’t find myself falling asleep despite lying on the bed andsuffering from a lack of sleep. ):

Headed to St. Margaret’s for alumni band and it was fun! Missed playing the flute, and my fingers are getting a little rusty when it comes to running notes. ): But all in all, I enjoyed the 2-3 hours of band practice with the same old familiar faces. (: Nice to hear from Shu Feng about her wedding updates too, and I’m so excited for her! :D I know there’s gonna be loads of preparation and sweat, but it all sounds so fun! Gotta start thinking of what would make a good wedding present soon!

Then… it made me think of how I’d want my wedding to be like, even though it’s a long way to go!

12 thoughts on “Drink and groove to the music!

  1. sookfung’s brother looks like my friend leh! omg whats his name? hahaha. anyway love your blazer. you look really good in it! wish i could go shopping :( hmmm jon’s so sweet btw! :) he even rmbs that you want a mackbook! i think that 13inch macbook pro is awesomz. its what im using right now. maybe you shld check around for packages? dont get the macbook la! wanna get might as well get a better one so it can last you right? wahhh i want ipod touch too heehee.

  2. Estella, Sebastian Teow! So is he your friend?! Both of them are in NP too, so I guess there’s a possibility! (: Hahaha, thanks babe but it isn’t really a blazer but more of a jacket! Let’s go shopping together when we feel richer! ): He probably remembers I want a Macbook because my laptop can be the slowest thing on earth I swear! ): And is there such thing as packages?! O.O I quite like Macbook Pro partly because of it’s metallic look over the classy white casing of Macbook! q:


  3. OMG YES YES YES HE IS MY FRIEND LUH. now i think of it, they look kinda similar! hahaha. so coolz. small world eh? ooh but it looks like a blazer! so preedy! :D okay sure. i wanna save money like mad for aussie :'( im so broke you know. haha my clothes are from the dumpster now. i think there’s student packages in singapore. u shld look out for the ntu/nus laptop fair? the student package should be pretty worth it if u do not need the ipod touch. cause they have words and other software pre-installed for you! and warranty of course! :) yeah i love the metallic casing. once a fan, always a fan. heheh.

  4. Estella, HAHAHA YOU SOUND SO EXCITED! q: Seems like we are having more and more mutual friends! q: Anyway, your dumpster must be damn pretty man. You’ve such nice clothes, or is your awesome bod that carried them off so well? :D I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there’s loads to shop in Aussie bcos they are not really cheap and not everything’s nice! ): Save for the food and the sight-seeing though! :D I am so jealous that you’re going to Perth and Melb! /: I shall take note of the student packages then! And hahaha, when you said “once a fan, always a fan”, I was thinking Macbook got fan meh? Must be damn cooling. HAHAHAHA OMG I’M A LOSER. And hehhh, thanks for the heart! <3


  5. You can wait till singtel internet promotion. they give out free macbook white nt macbook pro though. The offer usually is during aug/sept. Macbook is not the fastest comp though. Is jus like any other comp jus that it run on diff OS but if u wan it to run on windows is also alright.

  6. Passerby, But I am not using Singtel internet. I do know that Macbook is not the fastest comp around, but I guess that’s just something I want. Wouldn’t want to run it on a Windows OS if I got a Macbook though! And thanks for the link you shared, I’ll look at it and consider everything carefully! Thanks!


  7. wah heng uhhh, luckily u never show my exposed picture here. lol! faster upload them to fb leh. ! :p

  8. March, Actually I did! But I was nice enough to crop that out okay! Now thank me quick heehee! Anyway, I’m uploading the pictures now and it’s taking forever! /: If it fails, I am going to sleep! >:(


  9. OMG! SHUFENG’S GETTING MARRIED?! hahah we’re growing up too fast! :(

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