Diploma Awarded!

Results are out, and I’ve gotten the best GPA in the 6 semesters. Ironically, though the year seemed like the longest and toughest year, out of the 3, my third year results seemed to be the best too. Not the best and most hardworking student around, but I’m thankful and satisfied.

One thing I’m really pleased with myself is getting an AD for CCA with 105 points! :D Most of which comes from band (which I do miss, really) of course. But please kindly ignore the part about getting a bronze for NAPHA. That doesn’t contribute to my happiness since I was 3 seconds away from getting a silver (ugh)! >:(

And now, the next thing I’ve to worry about is about applying for my license as an Optometrist from the OOB/MOH. /: For now, I’ve officially graduated from Singapore Polytechnic.(:

2 thoughts on “Diploma Awarded!

  1. congrats :D,
    we work hard n did great for this 3 years & Now we are graduates !

  2. Jia Sheng, Yes totally! Though you are one annoying fella through the past 3 years, I’m thankful for meeting you. (: Keep in close contact yes?! :D


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