A New Member to the Family!

Porch (pronounced as Porsch) Chau!

Isn’t Porch such a sweetie?! This 3 month old mini schnauzer joined the family about 2 weeks ago, and apparently he’s adapting very well!

Stayed over at The Chau’s Residence yesterday after work! Jolene was there as well, so she slept with me that night. Oh well, but one of the few reasons why I went over was to check out the new member of the family! Baby’s Mom have been talking about the new puppy ever since it arrived, and I was quite excited to check it out.

And since I arrived at around 10pm, Jolene and I hit the sack shortly after I bathed!

Woke up to a call from Baby, attempting to wake me up from my sleep! My dear, you know your bed’s cursed so please do not call me until 12pm if you know I’m staying at your place! Of course I talked to him in my sleepy voice and headed back to sleep, but woke up shortly after. ):

Went out to play with Porch who was hiding under the table because Baby’s Mom caned him for peeing all over the place. It was quite a cute sight seeing the puppy being so tamed! Then we started playing Fetch with it, and he can get either really active or really lazy. Jon told me he had never imagined that there would be a dog in his family one day, and I bet he’s looking forward to play with Porch when he comes back! (:

Brought Jolene down for a swim in the afternoon, and then had a short nap thereafter. I miss taking a nap with Jon in his bed after a swim while waiting for dinner to be served. I miss spending a lazy weekend with him. But I guess all in all, I just want him by my side all the time.

After I woke up, I headed to the living room only to see Porch running towards meecstatically! It was such a cute sight! Porch is such a sweetie I swear! And I am quite sure that I’m falling for this sweetheart already! (: Other that dinner, Jolene and I spent the rest of the night playing this little puppy!

Looking forward to the next time that I get to play with Porch! :D Baby, I hope you like the new member to your family! (:

9 thoughts on “A New Member to the Family!

  1. omg!caned!!! i dun even cane my nini, in fact scold or raise ur voice will do.. they’re quite sensitive to humans’ emotions and expressions..tt’s wad the info i got from “dogs for dummies” sad sio considered as abuse leh..plus i dun cage my nini too =/ poor thing sio.. he’s new to the house confirm will pee everywhere..it takes them abt 6mths to find their territories to clear their bowels.. (nini clears hers in the kitchen n my room kns -.-)
    he’s still a pup, so be patient lah, dogs are smart, we didnt give much coaching, she jus observes n react to u lorh..

    now my nini understands human language..can talk to them like a fren..smth i nag at her n she buay song liao.. so petty lorh xD happy playing :D:D

    porch looks like he has shoes on thanks to the lighter furs he has on his legs xD

  2. Sook Fung, Hahaha, yea she caned him but not really hard of course. He’s damn mischevious and needs to be discipline!The cage is just a place for him to pee and hold his (water) bottle or something. But the dog is actually getting a little smarter already! Jon’s Mom told me that dogs pee everywhere bcos they’re in a different environment and needs a bit of adaptation! He’s starting to pee and shit at the allocated place for him though he still pees other places occasionally! He’s a very smart and cute dog! Hahaha, and you makeyour Nini sounds like she’s in a miserable life of hearing you nag all the time hahaha! q: Will we get to see her when we have our one-day JB trip to your place soon?! :D


  3. lol, nini drinks from the fish tank xD cuz the water cooler -.-
    just take note it takes months for a pup to know where to pee..right now we’re still speaking in alien language. takes abt 3-4 weeks to know their name :D

    however nini knows NONO since she was with us..so which is good xD
    she knows wads NONO followed by KISS KISS and UP UP xD sorry ah, not acting cute here..

  4. Sook Fung, Did you just say…. Water… Cooler?! O.O I guess all pups will take awhile to get used to our language and getting their habits tuned right! And you got it right, you do sound like you are acting cute here! HAHAHA. Just kidding la! I know Nini’s your baby! q:


  5. OMG I AM SO ENVIOUS I AM DYING NOW :( i want i want i want. heehee. take more photos next time! this entry makes me not wanna blog until i have a dog.

  6. OMG. You’re making me SERIOUSLY JEALOUS. hahahaha! Porch is uber cute lehh!!! Totally feeling like kidnapping him alr, haha!

  7. Estella, Don’t be crazy and use that an excuse to your laziness on not blogging! (Did I just expose you again, heeeheee!) I’ll take more pictures of Porch the very next time! :D Maybe you’ll see his cute face > Jon’s next time heehee. q:

    Emily, Hahaha, yes he is super cute! :D The way he bites my toe is also damn cute! q: Ahhhh, I miss Porch already! ):


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