Sawadee, part tres

Warning: Major shopping entry in Bangkok ahead! Do not read if shopping bores you!

Day Three

The third and forth day has got to be the best period of the trip for me, when there was nothing else I’d do but to shop and shop non-stop! :D Had breakfast in the morning, and the mini van brought us to Chatuchak thereafter!

Chatuchak is paradise to me! Very similar to the Bugis Street of Singapore, but more than ten times bigger with a lot more better deals! Cheap and good quality that is! :D I bought so many items there it was madness. It was so big that we probably only covered 1/10 of �the entire market, and as a tourist, it’s impossible to find your way out without grabbing a map. I swear I could just stay there forever and bargain to my heart’s content. My friends say I’m very fierce when it comes to bargaining. /: The weather was a little humid and warm though, so the presence of a fruit juice stall was very timely! I got myself a cup of strawberry yougurt drink to keep myself feeling chilled and happy. Heehee!

I don’t know how to emphasize on this, but I really love shopping for cheap and good quality deals! Just talking about my shopping experience right now makes me want to go back to Bangkok very badly! I swear I’ve never, ever, shopped so much in a single day in my life before.

For all the mornings during my stay, I eat this without fail. Love the noodles on the left! :D

With Kaiting and Cindy. (:

After 3 hours of shopping at Chatuchak (which was obviously not long enough!), we hopped onto the mini van which brought us to Platinum. I’ve been waiting for the longest of time to shop in Platinum ever since we touched down, especially when I’ve heard about how much good steals we can probably get in just this mall alone, but luck wasn’t on our side. Due to the protests in Bangkok, the mall was closed! I was mega sad to the max! ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ):�But when I thought of the happy loots I got from Chatuchak earlier, it cheered me a lot heehee!

Walked over to a mall opposite to grab lunch, and we bumped into Lingli & co. who was also in Bangkok for their post-grad trip! Lucky them, because they managed to shop in Platinum the day before. They said that they spent half a day just walking in two levels. WHY WAS THE MALL CLOSED WHEN I WAS THERE TO VISIT? ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ):�God’s just trying to stop me from shopping I think. ):

Went over to Central World, which was within walking distance, after our lunch. Ziwei, Yuli and I were stucked at Naraya for most of the time we were there because there wasn’t anything else for us to buy in the mall just by looking at the kind of shops they have! Initially when I entered the shop, I felt that it wasn’t the kind of stuff I’d want to carry around (bags I mean). But I ended up getting two of the cosmetic pouches for myself, and now I am starting to regret that I should have gotten more stuff from the store. Bags included! Though there’s also a store in Singapore, bet it’s a lot cheaper in Bangkok since it’s from Thailand! ):

Had dinner in the food court of the mall, and I ordered Tom Yum Noodles (yes I know. Again.) which turned out to be quite a disappointment! ): Seems like from the point that I knew that Platinum wasn’t open, there’s a lot of ): appearing. /: Esther’s Dad ordered Mango Sticky Rice for us, and it was the first thing that made me happier after that! Heehee. It’s so good and yummy, but sinful with all the coconut milk that has to be poured over the gluttonous rice (which is already quite fattening on its own)!

Ordered Tom Yum for my dinner, which wasn’t good at all in my opinion. /:

One of my favourite dish, a dessert in fact, for the entire trip: Mango Sticky Rice (Y)

Our last, and rather short, shopping destination for the day was at Suan Lum Night Market! Though it’s a night market, I’d say that there were quite a handful of shops that weren’t open! Bought some items from the market, so I was contented over there hee!

Day Four

Since we hired the mini van for only three days, we had to travel around on the forth day by squeezing into Esther’s Dad’s car and the rest in the cab. First destination was for some wholesale grocery shopping at Makro! We bought boxes of Pocky back home because it’s dirt cheap over there! �Okay, maybe not dirt cheap but about half the price. Some of us regretted buying so many Pocky back home because it took up quite a lot of space in our luggage. Ziwei and I even bought a bottle of Listerine each, hahaha!

Next was shopping Seacon shopping mall. We had A&W for lunch, and then it was shopping thereafter! Initially I thought that this mall would just be another Central World, but there was this corner of the mall which was very much like Far East Plaza, and my shopping frenzy started again! There were so much stuff in that area we didn’t even walk into the other parts of the mall! I bought quite a handful of stuff, and was really satisfied with myself! :D

Happy with all our shopping loots! :D
(P.S: We didn’t buy anything from DKNY. It’s just one of plastic bags we were given to contain our fruits of labour!)

Drove off to Healthland for a 2 hour long full body message again! I was supposed to be together with Ziwei and Yuli, with our beds beside each other. But apparently I got separated from them so I was alone. But fear not, because I had my iPod filled with movies for me to catch! So while the masseur was massaging, I was just indulging in my movie heehee. But about 1 hour later, I decided that I should sleep instead. I guess that’s what most people want to do when they were having a massage, right? (:

The massage ended at about 8pm, and we were all famished! Settled down at Somboon Seafood Restaurant, which was located near Healthland! The food served was good, and this was where I had 4 bowls of Tom Yum soup heehee. I really can’t remember if I mentioned this earlier (if I do please pardon me), but Esther’s parents bought me two packets of Tom Yum paste for me to bring back home since they noticed that I order Tom Yum Soup for almost every single meal! How nice and sweet of them! :D Really appreciate their sweet little act! :D

We headed back to our hotel after dinner. Washed up and packed our luggage attempting to squeeze in all of our shopping loots. Looking at all of them made me feel so happy teehee! :D It was a really fruitful trip for me. I’d have to say that I’d prefer shopping in Bangkok more than Hong Kong because everything’s so cheap as compared to HK’s! But as for food and weather wise, Hong Kong would be the choice! Of course I was talking about Winter! q:

Not in picture: Collared shirt for Jon’s borther and scent sachets for my colleagues.

I know some of the stuff I bought may be a little expensive, or even comparable to the prices in Singapore, but they are of a much better quality I promise! I believe I would have to pay up to S$30 to S$40 for the same thing if it’s over here! Quality > Quantity to me! (:

The guys came into our room, and poor Jia Sheng was locked outside of the room. He was quite sad so he went back to his room alone, and I decided to gave him a call and told him to come over or else the connecting door in his room would start knocking, which happened on the first day! So eerie! That coward came over, and the door still had the hook�latched�on so he couldn’t open the door entirely. Knowing what would probably go on, I squat down and waited for the guy to open the door and I stretched my hand out to grab his leg! That guy freaked out and started screaming and I bet the entire level could hear his voice! HAHAHA! It was mad hilarious and I wished that everyone else would have seen the expression on his face! q:

Did a bit of chatting with the guys, look at them wrestle like a girl on the bed, and camwhored a little before ending off the night!

Jia Sheng’s retardedness, trying to do the things that masseur did during our massaging experience!

It was such a long day, and it was also the last day of the post-graduation trip. ): And since there was nothing much other than having lunch and preparing to head to the airport on the fifth day of the trip, I’m not going to blog about it just because I’m really lazy!

I had so much fun with the people and the activities that were lined up! Really had to thank Esther for planning such a wonderful itenary with the help of her parents! :D Even Matt, who probably bought the least things from all the shopping, said that the trip was good. (:

Goodbye Bangkok. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. omg, i totally love that white jacket u bought. ! so niceeeee. ! :D

  2. Jia Sheng, Hahaha, now then you know? “Luckily I am not drunk…..” HAHAHA HILARIOUS! :D

    March, Hahaha, it’s cream colour actually! And yes it’s super nice heehee! :D


  3. trip’s good cos of the company, my friend, not the shopping. and oh, the food :)

  4. Matt, To each of their own preferences and thoughts. For me, it’s all of the three that you’ve mentioned. (:


  5. of cause, of cause. i meant that for me, trip wasn’t good because of shopping, but for the other reasons.
    Anyway greetings from taiwan!

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