Sawadee, part dos

Day Two

On the second day of the post-graduation trip, Ziwei, Yuli and I woke up at 9am when we were supposed to head down to the Hotel’s restaurant for our breakfast, and that meant that we overslept! ): Rushed our way through, and headed down for breakfast.

Hopped on the mini van, and we set off on a 2 hour ride to Pattaya! :D The journey was long, so most of us just slept during the car ride. But the moment we reached, all of us were so excited to get ourselves soaked in the sea water. Wouldn’t mention the sun since I really dread getting tanner, which I eventually did in the end of course. ):

On the ride to Pattaya, where the guys started playing with the girls’ hair!


We played on the Banana Boat, and since it can only carry 5 persons at a time, we were split into two batches. Apparently, I was in the second batch and all of us were girls so it was a little more exhausting. Every time we get flung out from the banana boat, we had to drink a mouthful of extremely salty water! Even when I was sitting on the boat before getting soaked, I could already taste how salty the water were! So much energy was required to pull ourselves back into the boat it was so tiring we couldn’t take it after the 3rd time we got thrown off. /:

Next up was parasailing, something which I have been looking for even before we flew to Bangkok! :D The experience was breath taking, I wish I brought my camera to fly with me and video down the bird’s eye view I had! Was a little sad because initially I wanted to have Jia Sheng and Yuli hopping onto the boat and take some really pretty pictures (like some of the ones I took for Jia Sheng when he was up in the air), but I guess the people were tight for time or something and I flew off without any notice! I just… flew. Screaming. -.-” And that also means that non of my friends managed to take any pictures of me taking off, which is one of the nicest shots I swear! ):

On a more positive side, I managed to get a video captured! (:

My parasailing experience!

After the water sports, we went off to one of the shower areas (which were all pretty run down by the way) to clean ourselves up! We paid a few baht each and showered here. Initially I felt kinda grossed out having to bathe here, taking water from a big tub of water that appears black on the inside, but I figured that since I was already soaked in sea water I think things couldn’t be any worse, so… I showered.

Like I mentioned earlier, as much as I wish to enjoy the best of everything, I quite like the easily-adaptable part of me. (:

Before we hopped onto the mini van, the people who were dealing with the water sports business actually took pictures of us when we were landing, and put the pictures into a frame. Though the picture wasn’t exactly flattering or pretty, I bought it anyway for memory sake! Bing Sheng, Jia Sheng and Ziwei bought themselves a pair of Ray-ban imitation from a lady who was walking around with these goods in her hands. Each priced at 100 baht (~S$4)! Oh well, they bought it for the fun of it anyway.

We drove off to a seafood restaurant. Though the food that was good even though it looked really bland and simple, except for a particular dish that had egg in it, which I thought it tasted horrible though most of my friends seemed to love it. But, I loved the boiled prawns! Heard that the prawns were thrown into hot boiling water, alive! It tasted so fresh and good, I had loads of it!

With the fake Ray-bans!

Next stop was at Healthland for a two hour long full body massage! Ziwei and I were separated from the other girls, and apparently they said that we were talking quite loudly! We could hear them too of course, but I believe it’s because of the non-sound-proof walls they had. But… what made us embarrassed was that we were talking about how the massage kinda triggered our farting system and made us want to fart quite a bit. Silent and scentless ones though! q:

Without a doubt, after chatting for quite a while and in the comfort that we were experiencing, we fell asleep halfway through!

Caught the Miss Tiffany Show at Alcazar, and it was quite an eye opener. I kinda respect the Thais for their openness in excepting homosexuality and transvestism, it’s ubiquitous! Gotta say that sadly, not all transvestites were good looking, or rather, looked like females. It looks exceptionally… weird to see a male’s feature on a woman’s body. Have to admit that there were one or two that were really good looking though! So good looking I thi nk they are prettier than most girls I’ve seen!

In one of the items, one of the performer actually had half her (fake) nipple spilled out. -.-” It was a terrible sight I couldn’t watch any further. But other items include some traditional dance and songs from across the globe, and even one of it had this performer acting as Lady Gaga which was so real! Oh, and thumbs up for their awesome props too!

After the show, we went off to have dinner at this coffee shop near Healthland. I ordered an additional dish – Tom Yum Soup! I have been eating this throughout the entire trip it’s just so awesome! But sadly, only two tom yum soup I’ve tried throughout the entire trip tasted good to me, and the one at this eatery wasn’t one of them. /:

The two hour ride back to our hotel was long, but quite fun with the guys singing out loud in the mini van, acting as though they were Na’vi from Avatar! Crazy bunch of people, but it was funny! The ride home passed so quickly with all the talking and fooling around. (:

The second day was a long and tiring, but an extremely fun one! :D

Wanted to blog about the third day together with this entry, but I’m kinda tired to do so. /: Will probably do a joint entry for the third and forth day tomorrow if I didn’t take too long to photoshop all the pictures together! (:

4 thoughts on “Sawadee, part dos

  1. why do ppl wanna take pictures with tranny. its scary to be near one.

  2. Jon, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG YOU JUST CRACKED ME UP MY DEAR! Some of them are sexy and pretty what. Some caucasians even paid them to spend time with them! Baby love you’re so cute.


  3. omg, u guys bought the stall seats for tiffany’s show? doesnt worth it man..the other time, we didnt have lady gaga..we had wonder gals and some broadway famous characters -.-

  4. Sook Fung, My friend’s dad helped us to purchase the tickets, but gotta say that the show wasn’t as good as I expected it to be! ): Oh well, for the experience I guess! Hahaha, the lady gaga really looked like lady gaga from afar though! :O


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