Sawadee, part uno

Have been missing from this space because I was in shopping paradise – Bangkok, Thailand! :D

Hey guys, I’m finally back from my post-graduation trip to Bangkok with a wonderful group of people: Bing Sheng, Cindy, Esther & her boyfriend (Dalton), Jia Sheng, Kaiting, Matt, Yuli, and Zi Wei! Not forgetting Esther’s very hospitable parents who brought us around too! :D As much as I wish I can finish talking about everything in one entry, it’s impossible so I guess I gotta split them up! (:

(P.S: I just realised that after photoshopping some of the photos, I saved them in low quality images so they turn out pretty pixelated and ugly! ): Apparently, I’m too lazy to redo all of them, so please pardon me for the lousy photo quality!)

Day One

Jia Sheng and Matt came over to my place the night before and invaded my living room because it’d be a lot cheaper for them to get to the airport from my place as compared to theirs. We woke up really early and had breakfast at the prata house outside my place! Cabbed down to the airport thereafter, and the flight was pretty uncomfortable (think of how it’d be taking a budget flight) but thank goodness it was just a short flight! Met up with Bing Sheng and Yuli who was already in Bangkok one day before us since Yuli the blur queen booked the wrong flight for the both of them, hahaha! Lucky them, because Esther’s Dad lives in Thailand due to work so they didn’t have to worry about their accommodation for that day!

The beautiful sight on the plane. I love taking pictures of the skies from a bird eye’s view! (:

The mini bus we hired picked us up and brought us to have our breakfast at this cafeteria located in a supermarket called Foodland! (: The irony was that we had American breakfast instead of Thai! It was really cheap though, only 62 baht (<S$3)! I love Thailand for it’s really cheap and delicious food! :D

We walked around at the supermarket for a short while before heading to the hotel to check in! (:

Need to stock up our water supply since even boiled water in Thailand isn’t safe enough for consumption!

In the mini bus we hired! :D

Left the hotel thereafter, and it was shopping time! :D It totally excites me when we’re heading to somewhere just like the setting of Far East Plaza/Bugis Village because that’s where all the steals and good buys are! For the entire trip, it just makes me really bored when we are shopping in malls that things like Top Shop & Forever21. Give me all the cheap and good quality buys! :D I bought a pair of very cute skort (skirt + shorts = skort) I love it so much! Only for $13, and I believe it will cost about $29 in Singapore! Sooo happy with my buy heee.

Had Japanese cuisine for lunch at Fiji Restaurant in Siam Paragon! The food served was good, and I had cod fish for my share! Just love how smooth and tender it is! :D Shared a cup of macha milkshake with Zi Wei, but it wasn’t as good as expected. ):

Walked over to Mahboonkrong shopping mall after our lunch, and it was a gigantic mall! I remembered visiting this mall with my family when we were in Bangkok years back! But apparently, I was very sad that I didn’t buy anything in the mall. except for two undies. /: What a disappointment.

We were all very surprised at the way people buy/sell contact lenses in Thailand.

The crazy traffic outside Mahboonkrong (MBK)!

MBK, the mega huge mall with nothing for me to buy. /:

I found this really hilarious. Welcome to the Porn Clinic.

After shopping at MBK, the mini bus brought us on a 1 hour ride (and of course most of us slept during the ride) to Tawadang, a german brewery! I’ve actually went to Tawadang in Dempsey Hill before with Jon and his parents, and the setting is exactly the same just that it’s probably five times bigger over in Bangkok! Totally love the Tom Yum Kung that was served! I love Tom Yum Soup with clear base over red base any time!

Watched the live performances which include music and dance, and it was quite entertaining when you see how gracious the movements of those transexuals were! The guys are way more feminine than the girls I feel so…. ashamed. Hahaha.

It was a long day for us and it was past 12am when we reached our hotel. The guys sang out loud during the ride home, and they were basically just high and crazy. Very entertaining and hilarious though! (: Have got so much more things and photos to blog about! All the wonderful shopping loots, food, massage, and the day at Pattaya which includes parasailing and banana boat! All the amazing experience, so stay tune! ;)

3 thoughts on “Sawadee, part uno

  1. wah you look so happy! im envious! heehee. i love thailand for its food and shopping! am sure you feel the same way too! :D update more please! im reading!

  2. the clear tom yum taste much nicer compared the red ones! And and, the porn clinic made me laugh like mad too, HAHAHHAA! oh, envious eh, I have nvr step on thailand before sadly :(((( Glad you enjoy so much babe!:D

  3. Estella, Of course I was very happy heehee! I was in shopping paradise my dear! :D And I love Thailand for exactly the same reasons as you! :D I’ll update when I am feeling hardworking heehee!

    Emily, I TOTALLY AGREE! Hahaha, the porn clinic just cracked me up totally! I’ve been to Thailand a few times but I never enjoyed it as much as this trip! Probably because I was too young for all the shopping back then! q:


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