Cards, dance, and vices.

School of Chemical & Life Sciences Annual Dinner & Dance 2010

Yesterday was the last event of my journey in poly, and that refers to the Annual D&D (guess I can also call this a prom)! :D Didn’t regret going for it because it was so fun seeing everyone dress up and looking all so glamorous! :D I invited the Jinglan, Peiyu, Ziwei and Yuli to my place to dress up and prepare for the dinner together. But apparently the earliest (Jinglan) was an hour late from the meeting time, so you can guess how late the rest were from there. Hahaha. But I guess it was fun! Some girly time dressing and putting on our make up together. :D Mommy helped me with my make up a little and she lent me the falsies she bought which wasn’t used before, and I’ve gotta say that falsies has got to be the hardest thing to do for make up! :O Doesn’t feel that it really changes my look a lot though. All I really need is for my (real) lashes to be more curled! /: Wore the blue dress I got from the Melbourne trip last year, and it’s the first time I am wearing it. What if I said that I bought this dress a year ago just for this event? I am actually quite serious about this, y’know? q: My accessories – Diva earrings & Tiffany bracelet – are both gifts from Jon! See Baby, I carry you with me everywhere I go heehee. ;) The Diva earrings in particular was a gift from Jon about 3 years back when I was still in St. Margaret’s! It has been with me for so long already. From my very first prom to second (which is probably the last too) and it’s still serving me well. (: Pinned up my hair because I have no idea what else I could possibly. /:

Mommy dearest!

We took a cab down to Conrad International, and then started camwhoring while waiting for the others to arrive! And… Matt got Pei Yu a stalk of sunflower, awwww so sweet and nice! (: Anyway, I was so glad that I didn’t died on my killer heels for the night! :D

On the cab!

FYP group, with our lecturer-in-charge!

The theme for the D&D was Casino, and though I thought it was a little lame…. but bring on the vices! The food served was really good, except that it came with stingy portions! /: I even ate the celery that was served even though I hated celeries. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that I’m eating my greens! (: Love the abalone soup with mushrooms (double yum)! And I was eating, I thought that afterall perhaps my favourite cuisine would still be chinese food. (:

And it makes me sad how I never ever won anything in any lucky draw before! ): And apparently the second prize enticed me more than the first. iPod Touch > XBOX360! Girls camwhored for really long in the toilet while the guys just sat outside and waited for us to be done. It was damn funny how bored their faces were when we were out.

Miss Lek

Had a really awesome prom to end of my journey in poly, though it would have been a lot more fun with the presence of some others too. But on a terribly sad note, I feel utterly disgusting looking at how fat I am in the pictures. ): I need to shed the fats seriously. Gotta stop thinking about it and work on it! My tummy seems to be very determined to be taking permanent residence ugh. I just wanna get rid of my tummy and have more toned legs and arms and I’ll be satisfied. Alright, that basically just sounded like I need an entire make over for myself. ): Oh… and my hair is damn screwed up. As dry as the desert. Speaking of which, there are two non-work-related thing I wish to achieve when I start working: To cook my own packed lunch to work (not everyday though) and work out frequently. I really wish to be more discipline and bring out the domesticated self in me. Not forgetting that by cooking my own packed lunch I can save some money and opt for a healthier meal! And of course, I’ll never forget this: Happy 47th month Mr Silly. Haven’t called you this in about 3 years ago, and it still brings back loads of memories. Really love the way you reminded me that today’s the 7th in the very first phone call we had in the late afternoon. The voice you had that sounded as though I forgotten about it entirely. Priceless. I love you my best friend and boyfriend. <3

And we’re still madly in love with each other.

We amaze me.

5 thoughts on “Cards, dance, and vices.

  1. Hey sweetie. You look gorgeous. Looking good in that dress. It is so sweet of you to mention me relating to your earrings and braclet.

  2. Babe, you look hot and pretty in that dress lah, where got fat arms?!!! LOL. Love the color of your dress, complements your skin(:

  3. Jon, Hey baby, thanks for your compliments! :D And of course, I’ve you in my mind (and heart) all the time. (: Sometimes old things are just the best! :D

    Emily, Not just the fat arms! It’s the tummy too! ): But anyway, thanks for your compliments heehee. I love the colour of the dress too! So pretty, I bought it without much thoughts though I know the chances of wearing it is very minimal. q:


  4. evil twin! you are so pretty la! i wish you’d just stop saying you’re fat cause you’ll make me feel like crap. :( cooked lunch is the best, teehee. can save money!

  5. Estella, Evil twin, you are just being nice! And omg can you just go look at yourself in the pictures! You are way more toned and fit than me omg! I am not joking at all okay. Believe me this once! /: And hahaha, YAY TO COOKED LUNCH! But I hope I won’t become lazy to work them all! ):


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