Yet another into 18+3!

Happy 21st Birthday March honey!

It was March’s 21st birthday yesterday, and the girls all met up to celebrate this very special day of hers! Her very doting boyfriend booked a room in Crowne Plaza Hotel (5* hotel, or so I heard) for all of us to just enjoy this day with her. Apparently he couldn’t join us because he has got classes to attend!

Met up with Jeanna at T3 after work, and we planned to keep March in the dark about the entire surprise for her. But apparently, she’s not a very good actress because March kinda knew what was going on even though she just played along. But she definitely didn’t know that the room was booked by Eugene, which was really sweet of him! (:

So when March and Rebekah arrived, we just sat at McCafe and just caught up a little with each other while the other group was up in the room preparing the entire place!

March was pleasantly surprised, and the room looked really beautiful! The open concept actually meant that you can actually see your partner shower with just a clear glass that separates the room from the bathtub! :O But the view from the room was beautiful, with the airport’s control tower and the hotel’s pool in sight! (: We played black jack, in between, had fastfood takeaways for dinner, and then a cake that was arranged by Eugene too! Bet March loved it since it was chocolate! (: I bet she must be feeling really happy that her boyfriend actually put in so much effort to make her 21st a memorable and pleasant one with her friends despite not being to join in the fun!

We made her wear her bikini and brought her down to the pool which was already closed. Were supposed to be just walking and looking around, but Josco did the right move by initiating to push her down into the pool just as planned! :D The girls then made her swim across the pool with the helium balloons tied to her hands. It was quite an entertaining and hilarious sight!

Went back to the room, and then we played Twister! :D It has been such a long time since I last played with that, and it was mad funny and tiring! As much as I wish that I was a soft spoken and a demure young lady, I am a far cry away from that. Being unglam, sadly, is probably one of my forte I believe. ):

Hahaha, my expression is damn screwed here.

Instead of staying over, I had to go back home since I’ve gotta go for my employment signing the very next morning. Bet I missed out on a lot more fun that I already had before! I hope the girl had a blast on her 21st, which I really believe she did! :D I still love you heap loads babe, though we have been missing out a lot in each other’s lives. ):

Everyone’s 21st seems to be so amazing, fun and wonderful it’s making me feeling stressed! I don’t even know if I want to have a celebration any more because of all the trouble. Really wish to have a blast on my 21st birthday too, but honestly… I’m kinda lazy and all. I am so bleak. /: July’s will not arrive so soon anyway, so I can just take my own sweet time and decide on what I’d wanna do (or not)!

On a side note, it’s CLS Dinner & Dance tomorrow (later tonight rather), and I am actually getting very hyped up and excited already! The thought of the girls coming over to my place in the afternoon to dress and make up, then looking all so glamorous and gorgeous is making me really excited heehee! It’s gonna be some girly time in the afternoon, I like! :D Hope that D&D tomorrow would be fun! :D

Since school has been out, my life has been really exciting and fun! Loving life big time right now hee! :D Not forgetting that I’ll be heading to Bangkok next week with my friends, and this is gonna be so exciting! All before I officially enter the workforce! :D

I promise to make an attempt to keep my life exciting whenever I’ve a chance too, though working definitely means less fun. Will have to learn to strike a balance between excelling at work and having my fair share of fun. (:

And for now, goodnight world! <3

3 thoughts on “Yet another into 18+3!

  1. aww, thanks babe. And no worries, plenty of time to catch up. ! love you hon. ! (:

  2. so much fun. i’ve never played twister before. and you are looking good darling :D

  3. March, You’re welcome honey. (: Love you heaps, and lets go on a movie date together soon!

    Jon, Yes my dear. We should play twister together and you will know how inflexible you are! Teehee! q: And awwww, thanks for your compliment Baby. LOVE YOU TRUCKLOADS! <3


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