Soulmate Sweetie <3

It was Stacey’s 21st Birthday Chalet on Sunday, and I rushed back home to get prepared the moment I got home from the Kukup trip! It was such a mad rush, and I had to find ways to dress up for her party’s theme where we had to dress like a cartoon character/actress/singer/anyone! And since my creativity juices failed me, the most appropriate outfit as suggested by Stacey was to act as Bella Swan. I thought it was quite a Fail in my case. ):

My Soulmate looked so cute that day! :D It was quite fun although I didn’t know most of the people that were invited. The games were quite entertaining, and the Yes/No game was the ultimate stress thing for me! ):

Stacey’s dressed up as Minnie! :D

Fellow St. Marg’s girls! :D

Playing with Lenus’ platinum blonde wig (which she specially bought for the party! :O) heh heh!

My favourite Minnie.

Stacey & Ben. (:

Though I looked like crap, and Stacey looked really awesome and cute with her pseudo-mouse ears, I hope that my dearest enjoyed her birthday bash to the fullest! :D Sorry that I couldn’t stay over my dear although I really wanted to. ): But I guess it’s okay, because we’ll have stay over sessions soon yes?! We need to start working on our plan really soon! :D

Anyway, I went for my very first official job interview today with Ziwei and it went really smoothly. The job offered me a 5 day/week (when I was expected at least a 5.5day/week considering it’s in the retail line) and the pay was more than what I have quoted! How awesome is that?! :D Will be heading down on Friday morning to sign the contract with Ziwei, and would probably start work proper in April. (: Looking forward to be financially independent, and to pamper my loved ones too. (: I guess one good thing about being an Optometrist is that you’re always in demand, at least for now! ;D Let’s just hope that I’ll be posted to a good outlet with awesome colleagues who will guide me along the way.

Really proud of myself that I am taking a step out of my comfort zone and go through all the hardship. I am young and I want to explore what’s out there. I hope I’ll love my job. (:

On a side note, I am really missing the Boyfriend terribly. Really bad in fact I feel like crying soon. I really need to be with him right now to ease all this crazy emotions I am going through. I honestly, seriously, feels that no one understands what I am going through.

I need to July to come now. Right now.

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  1. Jon, HAHAHAHAHA BABY! THAT REALLY SHORT COMMENT OF YOURS CRACKED ME UP TOTALLY! :D That brought such a wide smile to my face my sweetheart! Love you so much <3


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