A whole new experience!

27th & 28th Feb 2010: Post-grad weekend getaway to Kukup with DOPT peeps
This weekend has been nothing short of fun and a whole new load of experience! :D

The weekend was spent with almost 20 of my fellow DOPT mates on a short post-grad getaway trip to Kukup together! I had so much fun and was so glad that I decided to give myself the green light for this trip despite wanting to save money. It’s very worth it. :D I’d also like to add that this is the first trip I went without my family and Jon, and that it isn’t a school trip too! Would say that there would be many more trips with my friends to come! ;D

Saturday morning saw me waking up early, heading to Hougang where the mini bus that we hired would pick Pei Yu, Yan Shan and I up from. Drove off to the subsequent different destinations to pick the other people up, and we were off to Malaysia! :D Just so you know, there were two mini bus that were hired, and apparently our group got lost at the Malaysia customs and couldn’t find the bus! It was mad hilarious because we walked all the way to the bridge leading to City Square instead to where the mini bus were parked! While everyone was taking their nap, Ziwei and I talked throughout the hour long drive to Kukup. (:

I only realised that I have been to Kukup many times before with my family, not knowing what the place’s called. -.-” Not a very clean town, but isn’t that the fun of it? We settled at a restaurant for lunch, and had seafood! Though I’d say that the seafood taste only mediocre when I expected a little more than that. /:

Despite all the prior expectations I have, I would say that I can still live with the conditions I am given and that I am quite adaptable!

Welcome to Kukup!

Settled down at our chalet unit after meal, and it was in a part of Kukup which I have never got to explore before! (: It was basically our own free time to mingle around for the rest of the day thereafter, so some of us played mahjong and cards, while the others sang karaoke or napped.

This is the vicinity of where we stayed in when it’s low tide. So… all our waste products will be disposed directly into the water, and you also find fishes and mudskippers in it too.

Dinner was prepared by the people who dealt with our chalet unit (I heard that they own the house, just that they rent it out) and our meals! They helped us BBQ our food, and it was all prepared for us. Felt like some kind of royalty without having you to clean up any thing or even to prepare your own BBQ pit to have a BBQ dinner! How awesome is that? :D BBQ stingray, sotong, otah, fishballs, vegetables, corn, chicken wing, sausages.. A very satisfying dinner indeed!

After dinner, we played with fireworks! Not fire sparklers, but fireworks that you see during National Day Parade and such! :D It was my virgin attempt at it, and it wasn’t as scary/dangerous as I thought it’d be! In fact, it was a hell lot of fun, excluding how some of the fireworks can be really loud! And by the way, we used joss sticks to light up the fireworks and not lighters/matchsticks! I bet if I were to do this alone, I’d use the latter and may even cause some accident. /:

The huge amount of fireworks that we got! :D

I’ve also got some videos of us playing with the different fireworks! :D

Fire crackers!
Although the bamboo stick used to hold the fire crackers were damn long, there were still things that flew from the crackers and hit the leg repeatedly of whoever’s holding on to the stick. Also, the fire crackers are mad loud I hate it! Can cause major deafening effect I swear! /:

Rocket fireworks!
It’s pretty fun playing with this, especially when the rocket flies sky high into the sky and burst into pretty fireworks! :D But it is sure loud the moment it’s gonna blast off!

36 shots
This has gotta be one of my favourite among all the fireworks that we’ve played with! It’s so beautiful! :D

This wasn’t done by us, but some random group of people (who seems like a whole bunch of relatives gathering together) that was playing with the fireworks near the open area we were playing on. It was heard that they spend $20k every year just on fireworks during CNY! :O But you gotta agree that this set of fireworks is really beautiful, isn’t it?! :D

After all the fireworks (which was about 12am already!), we walked back to our unit and had yu sheng! :D It was quite a messy event when everyone just threw the food as high as possible to symbolise good luck! And apparently the yu sheng actually taste quite good! I was called disgusting because I used my hands and ate the mango in the yu sheng which Yiliang and Jinglan (or was it Janice) were fighting over directly instead of using the chopsticks. I mean, after all the throwing and tossing, our hands were already covered with yu sheng right? /: Then again, I would only behave like that with people I feel comfortable with, heh heh.

We also celebrated Janice & Sean’s (not gonna call him Mr Lee anymore since we’ve already graduated) birthday, though they already had their respective celebrations prior to this trip already! A good way to sum up the entire month too! (:

After which, we played with more fireworks! :D

Showered, and did whatever we wanted for the rest of the night. Unlike the others who can survive without sleep, I had to hit the sack at about 4am or so. /: Anyway, Jia Sheng’s damn weak! Some of the guys were playing Black Jack, but instead of using money, they used Beer. His face turned mad red after on can of beer, and then he concussed. -.-“

Sunday – Woke up around 10 plus and I was still feeling tired. I bet everyone were feeling the same as well. Some of the girls got a little bored with just staying in our unit the entire time, so we went out to walk around a little. But we returned back in less than 5 minutes because the sun is just crazy. /:

I went to the living room only to see that everyone’s just knocked out! O.O

The girls who went out to walk, and failed. Hahaha!

We went out to the sea and visited a mini fish farm! Quite an experience, even though the entire place had a really fishy smell. (:

On the boat ride back!

Jinglan’s head so big it blocked Pei Yu! Hahaha!

When we got back to ashore, we bought loads of goodies from a provision shop! Bought some junkies back for my family & Jon’s too! Nom nom nom! :D Settled at one of the restaurants along the road for lunch, and it’s one of the restaurants that my family dine in whenever we visit Kukup too! Ordered my usual coconut pudding which is really smooth! :D In addition, the food that was served tasted better than the restaurant we dined in the day before!

The entire trip cost about less than $150 only! Considering that we got people to serve us our food (e.g. BBQ, and seafood too!) and the huge fun we got from playing the fireworks, it was definitely worth it! :D

But it’s only when we were playing with the fireworks, I really missed Jon as hell. Looking at how happy Jeff & his girlfriend, Yiliang and Hweeying was together, taking really awesome and nice photos with the fireworks. Gotta admit that I was really envious of them, and it made me missed Jon a hell lot. ): Wished he was there with me to enjoy such amazing and exciting moments together. It’s true that sometimes, all I wish for is just to be together with him, even though we still function perfectly well independently. There’s nothing more that I want than to be beside Jon. ):

Alright, it took me a lot of time to finish this entry! /: Still have got Stacey’s 21st birthday party to blog about too, but in the next entry! Meanwhile, I’m gonna crash now since I gotta wake up early and go for dental & a job interview thereafter, followed by work. It’s gonna be a really long day tomorrow! Wish me luck! :D

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  1. hello aunty kellyn! hahaha thanks for taking the time to write my lovely bedtime story! omg soo envious leh! you make me wanna travel again! :( anyway congrats on having the load of year 3 off your shoulders! time to have fun now eh? :D btw the sea creatures so cute! why y’all bully the poor pufferfish? hahah. goodnight babe! <3 you!

  2. haha..Ting Lup Sup..think u’re taking over someones name instead of being a toilet now..and jinglan head is not big..but rather its her helmet that is blocking py..haha.

  3. Estella, Hahaha, you are welcome! Go travelling if you want! It’s a nice hobby, just a little costly! ): And thank you, I am going to have all the fun in the world I can before I start working proper! Hahaha, and we didn’t bully the pufferfish! Damn funny right?! The uncle even went to pull his nose up a little! Hilarious! :D <3 you too! Must meet soon okay?! :D

    Janice, I am not lup sup okay. I’m just creating fun memories for all of us. Hahahaha! And you are damn bad about Jinglan’s helmet! :O HAHAHA!


  4. kellyn you see la.. you say jl head big.. janice not happy liao cause her head biggest =x

  5. Jun Wen, Hahaha, alright fine! Janice’s head shall be the biggest of them all then! q:


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