Helium balloons, flowers and sunshine.

It was Amanda’s birthday yesterday, and her celebration was over brunch at Spruce. Met up with her friends -Vneo, Emeline and YJ – at City Hall to get some Helium balloons, but by the time I reached they were already done with shopping for the decorative items! Not that I was late, but they were early, and I promise I am not lying!

Took a cab down to Spruce, stuffing all the helium balloons in the boot of the car. We were quite afraid that the balloons will fly away the moment we opened the boot! I’ve always wanted to dine at Spruce because of it’s beautiful ambience, and I was glad I did on this girl’s very special day. (: We tied the balloons to every chair, just the way Amanda wished for on her 21st.

Would definitely love to bring the boy there one day just to spend our lazy afternoon away.

Love the ambience!

When Amanda arrived, she looked really happy! We played some introductory games with her friends, since we don’t know everyone that was there, and it was fun. (: I forgot what’s the name of the game though. Amanda’s friends were damn hilarious I kept laughing. Was glad that Randy was there too, because he’s one other mutual friend I knew since Jon & I got together. And it has been such a long time since I last saw him too! It was nice to know that he’s doing well and will be finishing his national service soon!

What a lovely setting!
(Picture taken from Amanda, and explains every reason why I should have an LX-3)

My share: Mushroom Risotto

Randy called me to help him out with preparing the cake for Amanda while she went to the toilet! Some of her friends got some sparkling candles, and it was mad difficult to light them up! Not forgetting how quickly they turn into ashes and the first layer of cream had to be removed before consumption. Randy’s very good at that though!

Happy Birthday Amanda darling. (:

Since Amanda told me she’d love to receive a big card and that money would cheapen everything, I made her a card with a mini notice board! I am glad that Amanda liked the gift I made for her, though it was really simple. Took some pictures of it while I was working on it, but not the final product. Reason? Laziness!

Alright, I should go pack my luggage for the trip to Kukup in Malaysia with my DOPT mates tomorrow! Will only be back on Sunday, which will also be Stacey’s 21st birthday chalet. What a tight schedule I have upon graduation, I like! :D

Speaking of which, I really have no idea what I should dress up as when the theme of her party is Drama. Now who am I supposed to dress up to mimic as?! Actress, actor, cartoon character, just something! Please give me some suggestions, or I’d have to have a pair of stocks stuffed over my head as a form of punishment as stated by Stacey Li. ):

7 thoughts on “Helium balloons, flowers and sunshine.

  1. HAHAHAHA, damn funny! your last paragraph! my friends had already told me what they are dressing up as! you better think quick!!!!! :D

  2. YOU SHOULD GO AS SHARON AU! I PROMISE YOU WILL LOOK LIKE HER. Hahahahah in other words go as yourself but say u are sharon :P okay sorreh evil twin i was just kidding! omg i love the word amanda! how did u do it??? AND you are so annoying. your card very nice what. silly girl you are artistic it is proven now.


  3. I have a nurse uniform and a sailor dress. You can wear my hat or the head wear minni was wearing. Dramatic enough! When’s the party?


  4. Stacey, It’s not funny okay! I am feeling very stressed about your party! ): You sms me when you got some ideas for me okay!

    Estella, Hahaha, my friend Nov also said that to me and I found it hilarious omg! I think only smart people like you all will come out with this idea! Help me think of something too Evil Twin! I know you are creative too! I don’t have time to shop for the outfit though, so must be something from my wardrobe! I used pink fabric paint to go around the borders of the alphabetical chip boards I got from Made with Love! :D And thanks for your compliments heehee! :D

    Amanda, WOW, why do you have such outfits in your wardrobe?! I’d love to borrow the sailor dress, but the party’s this sunday and I gotta rush there the moment I arrive home! ): What a waste, should have asked you earlier! And you’re welcome my dear! It’s your 21st birthday, and there’s not much trouble actually. I am not even sure if I helped much. q: Love you too babe! <3


  5. Hahahaha! Hilarious what really. Go as TWEETYBIRD! heehee. okay idk leh. what do you like?? sharon au still sounds perfect to me :D

  6. OR you could go as an optometrist!!! Hahahah wear shades and all? Okay I give up. Byebye.

  7. Estella, You just wanted me to dress up as you, right! Hahaha. And no I didn’t dress up as Sharon Au or the retarded Optometrist you suggested! HAHAHA.


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