It’s a little hard to bid our farewells

It does, seriously. (:

Just check out how high Jinn Yang can jump! And the way he stretches his hands out and the expression I have no my face makes it seem like I got bashed! It’s just so hilarious! :D This is the kind of thing I’ll miss about being a student. ):

Headed to school in the morning for the final (5%) test, and I gotta say that I was quite lucky to get some of the answers right considering the fact that I don’t think I wasn’t very prepared! :D But anyway, that was the last thing about school we gotta worry for, and it’s officially over! Holidays are here to say Hello, until the results that will determine if I officially graduated from school! Let’s all just pray for the best! (:

After the career talk by a few optical companies, it was lunch buffet at the optometry centre! :D Imagine how happy we were eating in SPOC when we were not allowed to do so at all for the entire year. Naturally there was a photo-taking frenzy going around as well. If not now, then when? (: But it was damn annoying, because people who took pictures with me kept asking if I wanted them to bend down for me. I don’t think I’m really that short right? ): (Or maybe that’s the reason why I’d loving hanging around with Esther and Yuli too? Heh, just kidding babes!)

The problem with being short. ): I think I have the cut to be a ballerina! q:

The people whom went through countless of projects with me, and I’m lucky because we don’t experience disputes from having free riders. (:

After all the food and photo-taking, we walked all the way to the sports hall for a game across the entire level. It’s very much like a sports day, just that you don’t have them in poly. The 5 classes played against each other, and that was a prize for the winning team! Was feeling very lethargic initially before the game started, but got a little warmed up and the tiresome feeling went away. (:

I hope I’ll still attempt to sweat it out more often when I get a full-time job.

All smelly and sweaty with the girls. (:

I gotta say that the past 3 years wasn’t easy to get through; all the endless amount of stress we have to deal with, the times when I feel like giving up. But when I think back, I think I have met really amazing and fun people in school. And I’d want to give special thanks to these people for making a difference in the 3 years. You guys have been really amazing, and I love you guys. Though we’d working in different practices/different industry in the future, I really do hope that we’ll all get a chance to work together, directly or not. (:

Diploma in Optometry, 2009/10.


15 thoughts on “It’s a little hard to bid our farewells

  1. yeah, it just feels weird to say a simple goodbye and not knowing when we’ll meet up again and how we’ll be by then. Still, I guess that’s what makes life a little bit more exciting!

  2. Nov, Definitely. Actually there were many times when I thought of how different and separate the next part of our lives will be makes want to tear a little. But don’t worry alright, let’s make an effort to meet up with each other after with graduate although it’s gonna be real difficult. (:


  3. i just realise something,

    you’re always standing on the left of a picture! HAHA.

  4. Stacey, Hahaha, isn’t that what I’ve said in the first paragraph?! Hahaha.

    Esther, THAT’S MY BETTER VIEW HAHAHAHAHA! I look damn fat and kok on the right side. ):


  5. man-eater who loves you very, very much. *^-^* I slept with your present last night hehehehehe

  6. Amanda, Awwww! And you are damn extreme who sleeps with presents! Did you break it from all the tossing and stuff?! Hahaha!


  7. It’s nice to be doing sports, especially together with your classmates. Mass commers in NP are a bunch of lazybones and our faculty has a very lousy NAPFA record, hahaha. Just so you know, you can’t use Photoscape on Mac cos there isn’t a down-loadable version for Mac! But of course there’s Picasa, which is decent enough but not as good as PS. Hope you’ve found a solution to last night’s problem!

    P.S. You’re really good at tip-toeing! Haha your parents should have signed you up for ballet classes when you were younger!

  8. Xiuling, Yes it was definitely nice sweating it out together with my classmates! :D I don’t think Mass Commers are as lazy as you described them to be! Estella and you are one good example to support my previous statement! I haven’t tried photoscape before, only adobe photoshop! And I didn’t manage to solve last night’s problem. ): If I didn’t support myself by holding on to my friend’s shoulder, I can’t even tip toe for >5 seconds! Hahaha.


  9. actually xl is right bout mcm people being lazy. our school (FMS) has been the last among all schools in Ngee Ann for the past… 4 years or something for Polympics. It’s pure joke. but anyway nice to know you guys are not only caring for the eyes but other parts of your body ah? HAHAHAHA (btw my left eye keep having dollops of eye shit its quite scary and amusing. the eye shit is so huge and crispy i can’t even open my eye)

    if you get mac you’ll have iphoto and that trumps picasa actually. Aiya but who cares, youre so good at photoshop just stick to photoshoppppppppp

    i will comment in every entry from nao. quite fun. don’t reply me on twitter or message me or talk to me on msn or call me. talk to me here ok.

  10. Amanda, Are you kidding me? I thought there are a lot of people in MCM who are actually fitness concious? And you are damn retarded about the “not only caring for the eyes but other parts of your body” okay! It is huge and crispy? Wow, that sounds like a kind of inflammation to me. You better go to the pharmacy and buy some anti inflammation eye drops! I am not good at photoshop la my dear. All just results from self experimenting! And -.- to not talking to you on any other outlets except for here!


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