One more day. Just one more.

Yesterday was the final day where we need to touch on our FYP. You’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for this day to come, and it’s finally over. Met up with the guys early in school to rehearse the entire presentation over and over again, just for that 30 minutes of our lives.

I was chosen to be doing the beginning of the presentation, and it being the first time official talking through a mike, I was feeling really nervous. I am not too sure how I sounded to the crowd, but for sure I knew that I was experiencing the micro tremors going through me! ): I don’t think I performed well sadly, though I thought that the guys did really well. I really wished that I was a lot more confident, a lot more capable than what I am.

Sigh. But at least everything’s over. All I wish for now is to get through my last semester and nothing more. I don’t even dare to ask for anything more. ):

Left work earlier today and met up with Stacey honey for a study session at Orchard Central’s Burger King. Got myself a Mushroom Swiss set because I was famished, and it’s my first BK meal in the longest time possible! Passed Stacey the gifts that I got her since a long time ago, but kept forgetting to bring whenever we meet with this terrible memory of mine. /: And being the real muddle-headed me, I forgot to take out the price tag for one of the items. -.-” Glad that she liked the earrings though! (:

She bought me a box of mask for whitening from her recent trip back to Hong Kong! :D I hope that the mask will be as effective and smells as good as MBD’s! :D Also, she passed me the keychain that  Hilary’s sister made for me when I was in Hong Kong last December with Jon! It’s so gorgeous I love it so much! :D It wasn’t cheap though!

Tell me it’s drop dead gorgeous! :D And it has a K at the back of it because it’s my initial! :D Love the reflection of the Swarovski crystals too! It’s so much prettier in real. :D

Stacey told me it’s gonna be quite a waste if I hung my keys instead. But if I don’t hang my keys, I have no idea what/where I should hang it.

My stomach’s growling already, and I think I am gonna try finding some food in the kitchen to fill this ever-hungry stomach of mine. Should attempt to read my notes for the 5% test tomorrow, and holidays have officially arrived for me.

Finally. (:

7 thoughts on “One more day. Just one more.

  1. Hey Kellyn =]
    i’m glad that you like the key chain.
    just hung your keys la!!!
    can always show it off hahahha =P

    and dear,
    be confident!
    no matter how was the result for the presentation,
    you are now done =]
    jia you!!!
    you can do everything well!!
    since you are a smart girl ;)

  2. Jon, Yes it is! Thanks Baby for your encouragement. (:

    Hilary, I loved it, big time! :D Please help me thank your sister for helping me with that! (: Thanks for your encouragement dear! I am not that smart a girl, really. So sad right? ): And yes, you’re right. It’s over! :D


  3. Stacey, Hahaha, I tried putting the keys and I thought it really spoilt the entire look of it! So I took off the key hook and then put it together with my handphone strap instead! So pretty! But… one of the swarovski crystal at the back fell out! I AM SO SAD NOW! ):


  4. Be confident! You are confident! Remember what Sarah Lim said about your style of presenting. Remember that as an encouragement ya!

    WAY TO GOOOOO!!!! :D you’re done. we’re done!

    well, almooost! one more day in school and we’re done! :DD

  5. Esther, Hahaha, you know when you are nervous and feeling lousy, you don’t remember such things! ): What’s more when it comes to presenting in front of a crowd and people who were going to grade/judge you?! ): WE ARE SO CLOSE TO GRADUATION IT SMELLS SO GOOD! ;D At least the holidays are here! :D


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