Freedom’s so near, I can choke on smelling it!

Competency test, done.
Business report, done.

Now it’s only left with FYP Presentation (which is on Monday) and Clinical Test. One more week of school before I set free! And hey, I’ve already got the whole of the next week packed with activities right after freedom arrives! :D

It’s weird. This CNY, I’ve been only having 1 meal a day with hardly any CNY goodies popping into my mouth. Well, almost for the whole of CNY. Jon said I’m crazy because CNY has the most goodies, which is true! Whatever happened to my appetite? /: Perhaps it’s a good chance to work towards size 2 (hahaha)!

On Wednesday, Jeremy invited me over to their house to join in the gambling fun along with his fellow classmates (who are my year one juniors, but I only know one or two). /: I have never seen so many shoes outside The Chau’s residence before. :O Only joined his friends to play at a later time because I become quite an introvert when it comes to meeting a big crowd that I don’t know. /:

Thursday was a long day at school, finalising on the business report and getting it ready for submission. Was late for the meeting because I only had 4 hours of sleep the day before. Insomnia sucks so bad. ): Submitted the report, and then it was working on FYP slides. It was such a long day!

When I went to the station planning to head back home, I met the bunch of DOPT peeps who were on their way to Bugis for the steamboat session which I turned down. But in the end, I went with them instead because I got dragged down. Didn’t really regret it, though I was dead tired. But there’s this huge problem with me when it comes to having steamboat, because I only have the usual few; mushrooms (heap loads of them, really!), vegetables, and fishballs just to name a few. Sometimes that meat-eater in me is so tamed it doesn’t even function at all.

Hey Gorgeous!

I look horrid, and this is how horrid I look on lazy days to school. But it’s essential to me.

Then there was this surprise birthday celebration for Mr Lee as well! He seemed a little surprised with the birthday celebration as well. Zi Wei and I smeared some cream into his face, and thankfully his revenge failed! Wouldn’t want to have cream all over my face!

There was supposed to be this yu sheng session, but because there isn’t any around they used an overload of tang hoon (that was soaked in the soup) as a substitute! Oh gosh, it was so retarded but fun! Things you do as a student, priceless. (:

Jinn Yang leading in the tang hoon yu sheng.

So the CNY vibes are almost over. It’s back to school, and I just gotta hang in there a little while more. Mad schedule up with me right now, and freedom smells so near yet so far! The thought of graduating (though unofficially) makes me really hyped up! But when it comes to making post-graduation plans, I don’t quite like it. ):

On a side note, I’m looking forward to receiving my Valentine’s Day present from my dearest when his Dad and both his brothers visits him in Melbourne this March! How lucky is this boy? He has got visitors every year! Though I think his gift is going to be some silly one (because he sounded like it was over the phone), I’m looking forward to receiving it.

Meanwhile, I gotta start cracking my head on Stacey & Amanda’s birthday gifts, and of course making an anniversary gift for Jon so that his brothers can help me bring it over for him (though it’ll make it a super advance gift). What should I get for him? I hate cracking my brains for getting gifts because of the lack of creativity in me. ): Would love to do something handmade and personalised though! But people, please give me some suggestions! No clothes, because I’ve already got him plenty of clothes. I hate cracking my brains on what gifts to get, especially when it comes to guys.

By the way, I’m looking forward to getting my LX-3! Thanks Nov for expressing your interest! :D (Y)

9 thoughts on “Freedom’s so near, I can choke on smelling it!

  1. HAHAHA are you gonna sell your camera then? lemme see your LX-3 soon! i wanna get dslr :(

  2. Estella, Yes I’d be selling my camera if I’m getting a LX-3! I want a DSLR too but it’s too costly for me at the moment. Getting the LX-3 will push back my DSLR plans I hope! :D

    Hilary, HEY BABE! I am fine thank you! I haven’t met up with Stacey yet so I haven’t got it. But she told me it’s pretty and I can’t wait to get it! :D


  3. Ngee Ann could use a few more young men as tutors like your tutor. No need to be too handsome, I appreciate men who are not balding and not old enough to be my father. I promise my attendance will be 95% every sem.

    Bloody NP…

  4. Jordon, Hahaha, is it?! I only know you have a few friends who are in year one.

    Shan, It’s an awesome camera! Hoping to get it real soon!

    Amanda, You know your straightforwardness really cracks me up! So all you are going to school for are middle-aged lecturers eh?! I think it’s just the lecturers in my course that’s young generally! You need to go for classes, with or without good looking lecturers!


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