Waiting for your return

Monday – CNY day two was a bore because there were no visiting plans. My parents left for a one-day trip to Malacca, and I was home the entire time till late afternoon. Had only an apple for lunch because I wasn’t hungry considering that I didn’t have dinner the night before, so yay to that!

Took a train down to The Chau’s because I was invited over for dinner since Jolene was coming over for dinner. (:

Why do I look like I am singing to myself while cutting the salmon?!

Jerwin and I brought Jolene down for a walk after dinner, and it turned out that the both of us ended having a heart to heart talk about relationships. I was surprised too because he was the one who started the topic about this. He asked how Jon and I can manage our relationship despite being away from each other, and was sharing me some of the woes he experiencing in his relationship. He actually thinks that bickering (for the fun of it) is actually cute, haha. He notices that Jon & I always do that, and we even fights behind them while Jeremy and him were on the computer playing their games.

And Jolene was damn cute. She just listened and joined in the conversation every little while as though she understood everything! Hahaha, that girl. Considering her age, I’d think that she’s a very obedient and mature 11-year old.

When we went back to his place, Jerwin showed me the card and bracelet he bought for his girlfriend for V’day. Oh, and also the photo album (about 100 photos) of his girlfriend and him! So cute! Teenage love.

After Jolene left, we drove to Marina to walk around Chun Dao He Pan to just walk around. Something that I haven’t done in a long time, but it was done because they just wanted to walk around instead of just staying at home.  And we saw Lee Kuan Yew with his whole bunch of bodyguards too!

Tuesday – Woke up early to get myself ready and headed off to school for project meeting. And yes you got it right – FYP project meeting on the third day of CNY. ): Matt felt that he wore the wrong shirt (SP shirt) because he felt like he was a big time loser heading to school. Work till about 2pm, and we went to Botak Jones for dinner since all the food courts in school were closed. Lunch was exceptionally filling I was going to burst. ):

Headed down to town and met up with The Chaus. Had dinner at an Indonesian eatery at Lucky Plaza, but I hardly ate anything since I was already bursting from the meal earlier. The food looked really good, but my appetite was shut off. And as usual, Uncle and Aunty always asked me to eat some and I did only for a few mouthful because I really can’t stuff myself any further.

Each one of us got ourselves one cup of chendol drink each. I thought it was so sweet I couldn’t even finish a cup! Had to get loads of ice water to make dilute the sugar rush. /:

Did some window shopping thereafter, and Uncle wanted to check out some belts at Prada. It was damn funny considering that Jerwin was wearing bermudas and slippers. But honestly, no one is bothered by that at all. Left the shop empty handed because the buckles weren’t nice at all. Or so I felt. His current Hermes belt is way nicer! Of course it has to be nicer considering the price he paid it for.

Drove off to Serene Centre for some ice-cream at Island Creamery for desserts. The Chaus love their Pulau Hitam ice-cream big time! Only had a few mouthful of ice-cream though they are my favourite desserts. CNY is just a sinful festive season. ):

I have officially lost track of time. I don’t even know if it’s Monday or Tuesday, or what the next day is. /: Doesn’t help bring me back to reality when I don’t have classes any more, but just project meetings. This is so screwed. ):

2 thoughts on “Waiting for your return

  1. this feels like you’re papa chau’s daughter while chau is his son-in-law. lOL okay chau please don’t feel hurt. which reminds me of how untactful i am and that i have to tell chau: vincent’s dog died (the big one) and he’s quite devastated, and i….. cracked a joke out of it and his face was like o_o. don’t ask me what i said cus I can’t remember. D:

  2. Amanda, You are just crazy Amanda! I’m just visiting them because… Oh well, save me the explanation! Anyway, doubt Jon drops by and reads this corner any more. You can just wait till he sees this like forever later. ):


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