Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Lunar New Year is definitely one of my favourite favourite festive season along with Christmas! (:

The first day of CNY has been rather good! My family only left the house for visiting in the late afternoon, and the first stop was my to my god-grandma’s (Daddy’s godma) house! To be honest, we only visit them once a year we aren’t really that close. Apparently I do not feel weird being there, but maybe it’s because I was just busy indulging in the widespread of food. /:

Looking at my colourful eye shadow makes me very happy. Love the freedom to mix and match from this palette! <3 Very lasting colours, and it has served me well for the past year! (:

At God-grandma’s place.

Steamboat, yum yum!

Retarded Daddy

Shao Jie playing with the small little pup!

My Dad sent me to the nearest station, and I headed to The Chau’s Residence. I had quite a lot of fun playing Black Jack, which is almost a CNY tradition! :D But apparently I lost $9, so sad! ): When it comes to gambling, there never seems to be much luck with me, be it Black Jack or Mahjong. No such thing as beginner’s luck for me. Jon and I definitely shouldn’t be on a gambling site because it’s the same for the both of us. ):

Note the oranges in the picture? Jerwin believes that it’ll change his luck so he got FOUR of them and placed it in front of him. Hahaha, so kiasu!

Xing Ying

The Chau Brothers. Jerwin’s like the sister of the three boys, because he’s the vainest of them all!

I want my Chau lao da. Where are you? ):

Grandma’s place was next, and it was so nice seeing all my relatives all over again. Without a doubt, almost all of them asked where Jon was and I had to repeat the same thing to them every time. But whenever I talk about him, I can feel the smug and pride in me because we are still going very strong together despite being in a long distance relationship! (Y) And since some of my cousins have already gotten married and has kids, my Aunt asked when will it be my turn. I’m not even 21 yet goodness. -.-“

And Honey was being such a sweetie. He called me when I was at my Granny’s and he wished her and my parents Happy Lunar New Year over the phone. My Grandma was so happy she was smiling all the time when she received a short phone call all the way from Australia! :D

My cute little cousin, who seems to be recovering well from the traumatic incident last year. (: Jon talked to her on the phone as well, but she was too shy!

Amanda told me that Jon asked her to catch Valentine’s Day with me because I wanted to, and will pay for both of our tickets as a Valentine’s Day gift for me! *Awwwwwww* Seriously, this boy melts me with his little acts that may mean nothing to the world but everything to me. Thanks Baby, I really appreciate your effort and thought! (:

Ohhhh, and it makes me grin to myself on the inside when my relatives said that my face has became sharper! :D

Played Black Jack with my Dad and brothers again when we were back home, and I won $8 from being the banker! :D It was quite funny how my youngest brother lost quite a tad initially and said that he didn’t want to play any more. Then he came back and joined us again in less than 5 minutes omg. Hilarious!

On a side note, I loved the way I did my eye make up today even though they are probably not obvious in photos for some reason. A combination of pink and grey/black! :D Truth to be told, I love the double-eyelids-effect whenever I put on my eye make up when I only have single eyelids!

There’s no V’day vibes that was going through me, which is good! CNY > V’day any time! And now, what should I wear tomorrow? Didn’t really go for any CNY shopping, so I guess it’ll depend on my mix and match skills.

I am actually at Victoria Secret’s website looking at their products right now, but it’s ridiculous because I am actually looking at winter clothes to be exact. I just love dressing up for the winter but Singapore doesn’t even experience winter or at least a weather that’s cold enough for you to wear thicker clothes! Seems like I am going to add more things to my wishlist right now. /:

And a random convo with Amanda on MSN tonight:

amanda/gratitude says:
you think the boys will neglect their da sao. chau will be like D:
Kellyn says:
No laaaa. he’s also not expecting anything from you all what! hahahaha
amanda/gratitude says:
hahahaha no la. we will look after you one. im speaking on behalf of them
Kellyn says:
hahaha i know i know. you always do
amanda/gratitude says:
theyre very responsible people.. loyal to their da ge. chau’s like some traid leader
Kellyn says:
sounds like some triad. LOL. HAHAHAHHAHAHAA omg
amanda/gratitude says:
:D telepathy ah
Jon’s indeed a very lucky boy.

2 thoughts on “Gong Xi Gong Xi!

  1. reali ah, jon called from aussie..my sis called too..greeted everyone, but my dad sad face ah.. thinking abt the super high bills at the end of the month xDxD

  2. Sook Fung, Yea he called from Aussie! That’s why my grandma had a panic attack (sort of) because she was damn scared that the phone bill will be damn high. Hahaha, damn funny!


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