When Two collide and becomes One

to everyone out there! It’s an over-rated day, but I hope everyone out there get to spend this day with their loved ones! :D

And of course,

Happy Lunar New Year!

Friday was Competency test, and it was bleak as hell for me. Sigh. ): I really thought I was pretty prepared for the test, but nervousness got the better of me. Pardon some of the optometric terms, but:

  1. Pupils station was a major killer for me, which was also my first station. Miss Anna Yeo was so stern she made me feel like everything I did was wrong. You know how your confidence will plunge for the rest of it, especially when it’s the first station and you have 11 more to go.
  2. K-meter screwed up on me, and it just won’t turn on! Changed to another room, and the same thing happened, until I went to the 3rd available room.
  3. Insertion and removal of contact lenses was the easiest station, or so I thought because I’ve always been pretty fluent in it. But no, I was given Focus monthly lenses and yes, it took me 3 times to take out the lenses. Can you believe it?! I was much more smoother in inserting and removal hard lenses as compared to soft lenses?
  4. For a moment I couldn’t even calculate what was 7/4, and it took me more than 5 minutes to calculate it. Sounds like a real loser, but I was totally brain jammed! ):

All in all, test was just bad. Sigh. I wished I had all the luck in the world and make it through the test. I really thought I could do way better.

Met up with my FYP mates for a short meeting and then met up with Amanda who waited for me at SP’s library. (: Headed to Bugis together, and we had dinner at one of the coffee shop! :D Amanda wanted to bring me to this dessert house which served very good desserts (and herbal jelly too), but it was closed. The expression on Amanda’s face was priceless when she Went to Starbucks to just catch up a little with each other, and I curb my temptation from getting a cup of drink because I’ve really spent too much this month (not on clothes apparently). ):

Kway chap, nom nom!

I have no idea why, but Amanda found it really amusing when I was trying to pour a cup of ice water into her bottle. And knowing what a klutz I was, of course I spilled water and some of the ice-cubes all over!

Walked around for a while and we headed to Muji! Quite a bit of crazy fun looking at all the overpriced yet pretty items over there! Amanda, looking at the winter hats we wore makes me want to get one for myself so bad! It’s so pretty! Makes me want to dress up for winter again, my favourite season! I love cold weather big time! <3

The apple juice Amanda bought for me to try! :D

A very short meet up with this girl, and I wished I had forever more to spend. Looking at the pictures we took together makes me happy! :D And I really appreciate the fact that this girl called me earlier in the evening asking where I was so she can pass me some flowers! Awwwwww, so sweet! :D Doesn’t matter if I don’t get any in the end, because it’s the thought that counts! Really appreciate it babe! <3

Had to drag myself out of bed today for clinic, and I really abhor it! Clinic was such a dread because it’s CNY eve. ): But on a more positive side, at least I managed to hit my quota already! :D I was the last to leave the clinic because I had to teach my patient how to wear her lenses, so I had lunch on my own at Clementi. $1.80 chicken rice ftw! :D Cheap lunch makes me happy! :D

When I reached home, I helped my Mom washed the fans and then hit the sack because I was so tired. Wanted to sleep for an hour only, but ended up waking up 2-3 hours later, what a pig! /: The moment I managed to drag myself out of bed, I started packing my room immediately and it wasn’t easy! The weather was so warm that I was perspiring while packing! The water I used to clean my shelves turned black, but I feel really happy now because everything’s so clean and tidy now! A far cry from the picture below! :D

My room in the huge mess. Check it out, I didn’t even pack my bed this morning because I was so tired. /:

Now that I moved my mini bookshelf from the table to the book shelf, my study table is so much more spacious right now! Still looking forward to the day when I get to reshuffle my furniture then I’ll carry out more major changes! (: The only thing I’ve yet to pack today is my wardrobe! Feeling too tired by the end of the day. ):

Had reunion dinner at home and it was a really simple affair. Despite having a few simple dishes at home, it felt really nice because I haven’t had home cooked food with everyone dining together. (: Mommy prepared oatmeal prawns and pork ribs which tasted so good! Not forgetting my favourite home cooked soup too! :D

Something made me really upset today, but whatever I’m not going to broad over it and dampen my festive mood. I’m going to ask my youngest brother to play Black Jack with me later, and hopefully my Dad will join in too! :D

Chinese New Year feels so weird without Jon this year. ): I miss his presence at his place with all his relatives around, and then driving over to my Granny’s place with me to join my family for some visiting. A huge part of me is missing this CNY. Baby, I miss you so much. ):

On a side note, I’m so glad that Baby was so happy to receive my really simple V’day present for him – a pair of Sonic Gear Earphones, the same one that I got for myself! How I wish that I was there to witness his childlike happiness when he got the present! :D Could totally hear his happiness when he got it over the phone! (:

Have a great Lunar New Year everyone, and I hope I will too! :D

7 thoughts on “When Two collide and becomes One

  1. happy cny babe! :) awww dont be sad. i think u stare at the food pic long enough u will cheer up? :p heehee. anyway, i miss you! lets go shopping when we can okay? i got two sets of clothes for cny only. so loser :( and it’s last minute anyhowly purchases :/

  2. Estella, Happy CNY to you too! I wish I wasn’t sad, but I should do just fine I think! Yes we need to go for retail therapy! Let’s go for longer meet up sessions and shop till we drop I swear! I didn’t even bother going out to shop and I’ll just be wearing the clothes that took forever to reach from the BOs! /: So who’s the loser now!


  3. Hey Baby love, have a great CNY no matter what alright. I miss you too and i miss being there at thie period of the year. My favourite time of the year. But not to sigh, we will still have fun right. I love you

  4. Kellyn! that keyboard in your room is it a mini piano? So cute! where you buy one?

  5. Jon, Hey honey. Yupp I’m trying my best to enjoy whatever I can don’t worry. (: I know you miss the CNY goodies more than anything else don’t you? It’s my favourite time of the year too, but not without you. ): Love you too sweetheart. <3

    Fangyu, It’s not a keyboard it’s a mini piano. I had it with me since I was 4 or 5 years old I think! Only three octaves. (:


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