Because I want to run away from school work,

Please allow me to do this really random and senseless post. But it’s really something awesome to have, and I hope I’ll get to do it some time soon this year for the more major changes!

Can’t wait for the end of Friday to arrive.

Things to do

  1. Repack my entire wardrobe. My clothes are in a mess!
  2. Clean up every single thing in my room. Dig out all rubbish in my drawers and discard them
  3. Rearrange the position of the furniture in my room. Hopefully I can get to do this because I am quite bored of room, and I doubt I can do anything major.

Things to get

  1. 3M hooks
  2. Bedside table
  3. Bedsheets
  4. Comforters
  5. Cushions
  6. LED lights
  7. Noticeboard
  8. Photo frames
  9. Pillows
  10. Standing fan
  11. Table lamp

Hopefully I can do all of the above by this Saturday noon, which is actually highly impossible if I actually gonna rearrange the furniture! Not like I’ll be having visitors this CNY, I just want feel like doing something different to mark the start of the (lunar) new year! Or maybe I just want a make over for my room!

Sounds really ridiculous, but sometimes I really wish to have house of my own not because I want to be away from my family, but to just do up my very own daily escapade. Home is where my heart is. (:

On a very random note, Valentine’s Day is coming and I’m envious of my friends who are actually making plans to celebrate this day with their other half, even if it just means sitting in front of the television at home with t-shirt and shorts.

One of the biggest wish of mine is to bake something so awesome for you on a special day. So beautiful you don’t even have the heart to eat it. And I’ll make you breakfast every single day.

Please webcam with me soon honey. I haven’t seen your silly face for the longest of time, and I’m sure it’ll be the remedy to all the unpleasant feelings I have. After your exams, okay?

I miss you.

4 thoughts on “Because I want to run away from school work,

  1. least u got bf horh! look at our pathetic cliqque sio!! all singles!! who we spend with? dogs :DD
    yeah least u got half, but we got dogs ;P

  2. Sook Fung, HEY HEY! Don’t you ever call our cliqque pathetic okay! Non of you girls are pathetic, you silly! I am very sure that Jeanna and March will have a partner to celebrate V’day with, or maybe even Linda too! :D Would love to spend V’day with you girls if it didn’t clash with CNY! ):


  3. Hey Baby Love. Thanks for the present. Its perfect. I love it very much. I am feeling the childish happiness in me. Thank you so much. I love you darling :)

  4. Jon, You’re very welcome honey. I’m glad it was perfect to you despite it being so small cheap and simple. And the outcome was absolutely better than what I thought of, but I wished that I was there to witness your childlike happiness. I love you Baby. <3


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