It’s turning for the better. It always does.

“Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, if they be events, illnesses, or relationships, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere.”– Rainer Maria Rilke

It’s only Tuesday and the week already made me feel so much better than before! :D Maybe it’s the pre-graduation syndrome has went away and the pre-CNY syndrome is here to stay! q: But of course I’m very aware that I’ve got a major test this coming Friday – Competency Test. I hope everything goes well and smooth then!

Just came back from the hair salon with my hair trimmed, but not so much of a different look which I hoped for initially. ): Damn glad that my usual hairstylist gave me some advice regarding the few hair issues I pointed out to him.

It was Janice’s advance 21st birthday celebration last Saturday night, and it was fun! :D It was held at her cousin’s gargantuan house! The guys played football on PS3, had a crazy laughing time with the girls along with Windi on the swing, and then there was mahjong. What a getaway in the midst of a crazy school schedule! (:

Looking at how close Janice is with her family made me felt so envious! Then I felt really guilty that I haven’t been spending good quality time with my family too. ): I promise to do so when school’s all out, and should also make use of CNY to do so too! (:

Left the place when it was almost midnight, and I decided to try my luck to catch the last train! Took the circle line to Serangoon, and I already missed the last train to Harbour Front! ): Had no choice but to try my luck with the last bus, and thankfully it did! Scared the hell out of me when I saw that I already missed the time for the last bus on the board, and it really turns me off when I have to catch a cab. /:

Oh oh, and guess what! I am such a blur toot omg. I wore the wrong pair of havaianas home! ): When I was on the bus back, I was wondering how come my slippers felt so different (because mine had the smiley face stud) and indeed it wasn’t there! Called Janice immediately and it turned out that my pair was still at her cousin’s place and I actually wore her pair. I’m such a joke with my muddle headedness sometimes. -.-” Thankfully it was Janice’s and not her friend’s or anyone else’s!

Have been going for so many 21st birthday parties or celebration it’s starting to make me think if I should have a birthday celebration too. How?!

Met up with Stacey darling yesterday for an impromptu dinner before she fly off. Had dinner at ION’s AOBA Hokkaido Ramen, and it was really filling! The texture of the ramen was different from Ajisen’s, but I was glad I was feeling a little more adventurous rather than to settle for the usual Ajisen. (:

Stacey was just damn amused with the way I was carrying the polaroid camera like a handbag. Is it that amusing?! /:

We went to Far East to search for some last minute CNY shopping, but left empty handed. Headed to Plaza Singapura because she wanted to use the $50 voucher that Ben gave her. On the train ride to Dhoby Ghaut, we were talking some mean stuff and then it turned out that we board the wrong train and headed to Newton instead. Oh gosh, that’s what we called Karma. Stacey’s expression was classic when she heard that the next station was Newton. And though I didn’t caught that, I burst into laughter when I saw expression and I instantly knew what was wrong. It was extremely hilarious I suffered from stomach cramps!

Then again, I call this chemistry. You don’t need words to communicate and exactly know what each other’s thinking. Priceless. (:

Happy loots from Cotton On with discounts all over, and I got a pair of feathered earrings at only $1! :D Super contented hee! :D

I can always count on this girl to bring a smile n my face. I love my Soulmate, big time.

2 thoughts on “It’s turning for the better. It always does.

  1. Soooooo pwettyyyyyyyyyyyy with your hair tied up in that korea style! Hahaha, look so demure, totally like an actress alr, lol!

  2. Emily, Hahaha, thanks for the compliment Emily! But I tied my hair up in this hairstyle out of laziness using the super aunty hair clip!


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