The boy’s a monster

This entire week has been quite an emotional wreck for me despite all the fun I am having. People whom I’ve been talking to on a one-to-one basis would know, and I’m very thankful to have Stacey and Amanda with me through this. Even though they’ve been busy with their own lives and the fact that we haven’t met in a while, it really amazes me when they both can totally understand all these are coming from. Thank you girls, thank you so much.

In all, I think I have gotta apologise for Jon for being a totally different person. Felt like I was killing myself inside with all that I was going through inside me, and was behaving like a changed person. Didn’t have any direction where I was heading towards, I was like a living zombie. A zombie not only because I have been so tired and worn out physically, but because I seemed to have lost the drive in me (Sook Fung calls this the pre-graduation syndrome). We stopped talking for 2 days, not because of cold war or anything of that sort, but to just settle both our thoughts and have some time of our own. And thank you for making the first move, which picked me up big time.

I’ve been thinking, and realised that at the end of the day, you’re still the one I visualised to be holding hands while walking in a park and beach by a slow and lazy day, the one who will work with me to raise my kids together with. A good whole 2 hours odd on the phone you last night, though I was so tired I totally knocked out the moment the call ended. Thank you for getting me out of this mess I was in. I really needed that.

Sorry for causing you to ponder about us. I promise I’ll make this long-distance relationship work.

I guess I gotta always remember that when this very day comes, all bad will be flooded and die along with your love.

You always have a way to make my ugliness seem beautiful in you.

Happy 46th.

5 thoughts on “The boy’s a monster

  1. I am basically waiting to attend both your wedding! I am sure things will work out! It’s not easy to find the “one”. I am sure he is just that one for you just like you are for him. :)

  2. November, Thanks Ah Neh. (:

    Jervelle, Hey, haven’t seen your comments around in a long time! Anyway, thanks for having faith in us! (: I really hope things will get through despite all the problems. Thanks so much babe. (:


  3. Yup. I guess it’s the pre-graduation period where we all go through. We’re all in this together! Jiayou jiayou! (:

  4. Esther, Thanks Babe! Let’s get through the final weeks of year three together! Hang in there too babe! :D


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