Before the worst

Before the worst, before we mend
Before our hearts decide
It’s time to love again
Before too late, before too long
Lets try to take it back
Before it all went wrong

Headed down to Vivo City to study on my own at Starbucks while waiting for Xiuling to end her work for our dinner date together yesterday! (: Popped by her work place and she gave me some honey to try on, and they were really concentrated!

Went off to Starbucks and then got myself a cup of Green Tea Frappe. Revised on Binocular Vision (one of the biggest killer module I swear) was quite productive, or at least I have actually covered what I wanted to for the competency test. Still have got a lot more to go, but I guess this was a good start. I’ve also got my new pair of Sonic Gear earphones to replace my old and worn out pair! Finally, when my laziness couldn’t get the better of me! :D

We had Marche for dinner, and I was glad that the waitress changed and got me a rather nice, quiet and secluded spot when the initial place was absolutely awful. (: The both of us went around to got food to share, and looking at the pictures again started to stimulate my hunger vibes already. ): Even though I love to eat, I have to say that I can’t eat a lot at a time but wants food very frequently!

I got Xiuling two packets of Mark & Spencer’s goodies because I know she likes it. Probably a very pathetic farewell gift but I really didn’t know what else to get for her. ): But I am glad that she enjoys her sweets! (:

Smoked salmon rosti, and the salmon was good! I love smoked salmon, big time!

Cream of Mushroom, just the way I love it; thick and chunky! I am hoping to learn to prepare mushroom soups like this! :D

Mushroom Quiche

After dinner, we went to grab a cup of BOOST each, and I finally redeemed by free BOOST hee! :D A pity that they have took away the loyalty redemption program, and I am actually quite sad about it. I was feeling a little adventurous so I tried a new flavour, Blueberry Blast, and it was good! :D I think all BOOST juice just tastes good without fail. Recommended Xiuling to try Strawberry Squeeze (one of my all time favourite!) too, and she likes it! :D

Both of us had quite a nice chat about all things random, and it felt nice just running away from the crazy life and just enjoy the night breeze and a girlfriend’s company. (:

When I got back home, my stomach was acting totally weird and was giving me a little problem that night. ): I’m glad that I’m feeling a lot better now.

Anyway, I totally agree with what she said. “Sometimes, new friends who make an effort to meet up are better than the old ones who take you for granted.” Thank you for those that actually came up to me and asked me for the password to the previous blog entry, and to drop me messages of encouragement and opinions. I really appreciate it and I always know who are the ones that bothers. And I am really thankful for you girls, even though it’s just the usual few. I don’t need to have the world, I just need that few pillar of support that will never, ever leave me.

There’s a new thing I am working towards this new year, and that’s to keep smiling genuinely and do the things I want to, because I am only young this once! (:

Looking forward to the many fun events that are coming up. (:

7 thoughts on “Before the worst

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Boost but it’s so expensive! And yup, you shld do things that you can while you’re young! hahaha, anw, I totally agree bout the part on ” new friends who try to make an effort rather than old ones that take you for granted”. You still have my back ya, Kellyn!(:


  2. Stacey, Yes I will Soulmate! (:

    Emily, Yes you should go try it please, it’s super awesome! I’ll always get that rather than Starbucks whenever I have a choice between the two, since they cost around the same too! You should give it a try and fall in love with it, just like me! (: And thanks so much Emily, really appreciate it. (:


  3. my earphones are spoilt and it’s very irritating! hows sonic gear? I know JS had been raving about them since year 2 but idk :/

  4. November, They’re good and durable, and most importantly cheap! My previous pair of Sonic Gear served me well, so I got myself another pair when it died on me. You should go get one for yourself. (:


  5. It was a short but good time with you babe :) Thanks so much for the sweets! Have you tried SB green tea latte? It’s like the warm version of Green Tea Frapp! Good to drink on a cold and rainy day…I loved the Strawberry Squeeze smoothie, so shiokkkkk! Thanks for the recommendation! Must try all the flavours before 2010 ends! I’m gonna try the rest of the flavours in Melb :P I hope that the next 4 weeks of school will fly by in the blink of an eye for you! All the best in the prep process for your final presentation! I’m sure you’ll miss this hectic life as a student a few months down the road when you reminisce and all…

    Yeah you must always follow your heart and keep your goals in sight! Hope you’ll enjoy your working life when the time comes! Btw, never let $ stand in the way of achieving your goals! Don’t need to worry so much! Just try to save as much after you start working :) If you want something badly, go get it! Money is secondary when your goal is priority! I’m sure your parents will be very supportive and proud of you whatever your decision is, be it to work all the way or to further your studies!

    Btw, please pload the photos onto FB when you’re free so that I can steal them and blog about our date :P My entries are very backdated so it doesn’t make a difference! :) I just wanna remember this date of ours!

    Have a good weekend! Rest well! :)

  6. Xiuling, WOW that’s a really long comment! :D Anyway I had a good time with you too, albeit short! Haha, you have thanked me countless of times for the sweets already, it’s so pathetic actually! I should go try the sweets myself one day soon! (: Super love ALL of the BOOST juices, you should really try them all! I think some flavours in Melb are not available in Singapore, so go try them! Thanks for your encouragement Babe, I’ll bear them in mind. (: And I will upload the pictures in FB soon! Go grab them if you want. :D


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